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Brand Spotlight: Zignature Dog Food Singapore

Key Benefits of Zignature Dog Foods

Limited Ingredients Diet

Hypoallergenic Formula

Low Glycemic Carbs

Meat First Philosophy

With one of the widest range of single animal protein diets for dogs here in Singapore, Zignature strives to be the leader in hypoallergenic, low glycemic foods for dogs. All of Zignature formulas are made with meats as the first ingredient. This is great for building a silky coat, healthy muscles, and strong bones.

Zignature recipes are formulated to be similar to what their ancestors would take in the wild. This is to ensure proper digestion for your dog, while minimising possible allergens and food sensitivities. Other brands with a longer ingredient lists are usually not as easy to digest for the dog as different meats and ingredients digest at different rates. This causes an additional strain on your dog’s digestive system as compared to a dog food that is made with limited ingredients.

Zignature understands that pet food allergies are causes for concern. This is why every recipe crafted is free of the most common potential allergens for dogs: Corn, Wheat, Soy, Dairy, and Chicken. This allows for Zignature to have an entire range of foods that are hypoallergenic for dogs! This is great for dogs who have skin problems that are caused food allergies which are quite common here in Singapore.

Zignature Dry Dog Foods

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