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WOOF Freeze Dried Dog Food Review

WOOF Freeze Dried Dog Food Review featured image

[First published: 20 Nov 2017, Last updated: 25 Jul 2019]

Freeze Dried Dog Food in Singapore

Freeze-dried dog and cat foods are one of the top selling types of pet food on the Nekojam online pet shop Singapore. It’s no surprise — with more and more pet owners gaining awareness on the harmful effects of a solely dry kibble diet, the demand for high quality, protein rich alternatives has seen massive growth in the past couple years.

Despite their higher price point, many dog and cat owners are choosing to provide variety to their pets’ diets through these delightful nuggets or patties.

In this article, we review 4 flavours by WOOF — duck, lamb, chicken and wild brushtail.

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Dog or Cat Food:

  • Light and easy to store
  • Convenient to feed
  • Can be fed dry, or rehydrated with water
  • Can be used as training treats
  • Can be used as food toppers for finicky pets
  • Often made with quality ingredients
  • Often by-product and grain-free

Four flavours available for dogs: Wild Brushtail, Duck, Lamb, Chicken

WOOF Freeze Dried Dog Food

To our delight, yet another brand of freeze-dried pet food has hit our shores! WOOF is made in New Zealand, and is touted as a natural, premium pet food. WOOF now offers a wide spectrum of exotic flavours to choose from — out of which is a novel protein: wild brushtail!

What is Brushtail?

The common brushtail possum is a marsupial. Native to Australia, it is commonly considered a pest in some areas as it causes damage to plants, flowers, fruit trees and even native birds. Brushtail meat contains higher levels of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids than other red meat proteins. Because it is considered an agricultural pest, it is hunted in some countries for population control.

Brushtail possums are folivores, and their diet is made up of mostly foliage and occasionally, small mammals. Because they eat a clean diet of such fresh leaves, berries and grasses, brushtail make the perfect protein source for our pets due to its hypoallergenic quality.

All WOOF freeze-dried nuggets come hygienically sealed in a foil bag

We give the packaging for WOOF freeze-dried dog food a huge thumbs up. The mylar bags are thick and sturdy. Foods that come in mylar bags are superior to others, in that they isolate the foods by creating a barrier between them and the outside environment, protecting them against oxygen, moisture, and light. We used a penknife to prick through the packaging, and it took two firm slices to cut through just one side of the packaging.

Storage Tip!: Did you know that your packet of dog food should be consumed within 90 days if possible? Once the bag is open, and oxygen is introduced to the bag, the nuggets begin the oxidation process of turning rancid. We know that it’s cost effective to purchase the largest bag available, but don’t! Our pets can tell when their foods are no longer fresh, and tend to refuse foods that smell “off”. This is also why you should refrain from complimentary repackaging services for your pet’s food. Packing them into smaller, sealed bags, makes little difference, as the plastic bags used are permeable by air.

From Clockwise; Chicken, Lamb, Duck, Brushtail

WOOF freeze-dried raw nuggets come in two sizes — a 320g and 1.2kg size. All the formulas are grain free and feature a mix of fruit and vegetables, as well as supplements. The ingredient lists are also very clean, having no mention of artificial chemicals, preservatives or additives.

WOOF Ingredient List (Wild Brushtail)

Wild Brushtail (bone-in) | Lamb Green Tripe | Lamb Liver | Lamb Heart | Bok Choy | Carrot| Cranberries | Blueberries | New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels | Organic Virgin Coconut Oil | New Zealand Manuka Honey | Chia Seeds | Vitamins & Organic Chelated Minerals | Kelp | New Zealand Hoki Liver Oil | Rosemary


It is worth noting that all WOOF freeze dried formulas for dogs contain lamb as part of the protein component. These are not single-protein diets. 

WOOF Freeze-Dried Nuggets Size Comparison

From left to right: Brushtail, chicken, lamb, duck

It was also pretty interesting being able to compare each formula of WOOF freeze-dried food. When compared to a dollar coin, we saw that most of the nuggets varied in size. Each also had different levels of hardness.

Chicken and duck proved to be softer, compared to the brushtail and lamb formula. In a hydration test, the chicken and duck also absorbed water faster than the brushtail and lamb formulas. Pet parents with senior dogs may want to consider crushing the tougher nuggets before adding water to assist in reabsorption, or feed the softer nuggets.

WOOF Duck formula up close

If you look hard enough, you can see bits of coloured ingredients! We’re especially impressed with the use of fruits and vegetables such as bok choy, a commonly used vegetable in local dishes in Singapore.

Keen to give WOOF freeze dried a whirl after reading? You can shop our selection of WOOF freeze-dried foods here! And if you’re still unconvinced, check out what our #FriendsofNekojam had to say about WOOF. Each of the packets in this review went to them for a taste test and analysis on the ingredient list. 🙂

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Was getting just a little bit tired of the usual old food that hooman was serving up so I was exceptionally excited when hooman came home bearing a bag of WOOF, courtesy of @nekojam 😍 FINALLY, A BAG WITH A NAME THAT I CAN READ!!! The moment hooman opened that bag, I knew it was love at first whiff, couldn't stop pawing hooman to hurry and feed me but she took her own sweet time because she wanted to get some shots 🙄 can you at least feed me first hooman?! While she was setting up the table for me, I took the time to read the ingredients list to see what was making this food smell so good: Duck (bone-in) | Chicken (bone-in) | Lamb Green Tripe | Duck Liver | Bok Choy | Carrot | Cranberries | Blueberries | New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels | Organic Virgin Coconut Oil | New Zealand Manuka Honey | Chia Seeds | Vitamins & Organic Chelated Minerals | Kelp | New Zealand Hoki Liver Oil | Rosemary Sounds delicious and everything stated is all so clear and simple that its really easy for jiejie to identify if this food is right for me. Hoomans are smart but my jiejie is an exception. Give her something slightly more complex than simple English and she'll be ??? 😌 At least she'll have a piece of mind this time round! The pieces are quite easy to crumble by hand which makes rehydrating that much easier which also means earlier meal times, A+++!! Just that jiejie also noted that the fat content for duck is on the high side so she lessened my dinner portion 😱 I'm not fat I'm floof!! For other exciting flavors that has a lower fat content than duck (min 38%), you can try the chicken (min 35.5%) as well as the brushtail (min 23%) I think I heard her say that she want to have a share of my dinner because it sounds so delicious?? NO JIEJIE NO 😡 prepare the food and SCRAM!!!

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