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What makes a good cat grooming salon in Singapore?

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A version of this article was first published on the Nekomori Cat Grooming Salon’s blog.

Cat grooming is one of the activities that not all cat owners in Singapore truly enjoy. As we know, not all cats are easy to groom. If your cat is able to sit still while you run a comb through their fur, then you should consider yourself one of the lucky few. However, for the rest of us, visiting cat grooming salons or engaging professional cat groomers might be an easier, safer alternative.

But how do you know which cat grooming salon in Singapore I should pick, or is the best fit for my cat?

We have put together a quick checklist below for cat owners who are new to grooming to consider when engaging a cat groomer.

1. The Salon is Clean & Well Maintained

A clean and well maintained cat grooming salon means that the establishment values hygiene, health and safety- not just of the cats they groom but also human visitors and the cat groomers. Cleanliness of a pet facility is often overlooked or taken for granted; a lot of time and effort has to be put in to ensure that the space is hygienic and safe for everyone. Is there a lot of fur strewn all over the salon? Does the grooming salon smell weird? These are some indicators that you can use to access the cleanliness of the cat grooming salon.  A clean and well maintained cat grooming salon means that your cat is in a sanitary environment during their grooming session, and also indicates that the grooming salon is serious about upholding hygiene standards, as well as disciplined about animal handling.

2. The Cat Groomers are Friendly & Knowledgable

After your cat, the groomers are the next star of the show. A professional cat groomer should help set your mind at ease, beginning with answering any questions that you may have, especially if it is your first time engaging their services. They should be able to explain what treatment they recommend for your cat without being pushy in trying to up sell you packages or promotions – Instead, considering your cat’s needs and suitability for certain services. If the grooming salon has a viewing area, you should also be allowed to see how the groomers handle not only your cat but other cats as well. A good cat groomer should be able to control and manage a cat while ensuring that the cat is safe and secure, without excersing excessive force – Even if it means grooming an aggressive cat.

3. It’s A Cat Only Grooming Salon

Cats are easily spooked by loud noises and unfortunately, a grooming center that allows both dogs and cats may cause cats to undergo unnecessary stress. If possible, we recommend patronizing a grooming salon that caters only to cats. The environment should be quiet, calm and peaceful, so as to introduce cats to the salon on a positive note and manage their experience throughout the duration of the grooming process.

With that being said, this article is only half of what you can look out for in a good cat grooming salon. If you’re keen to find out more, why not check out the full article at 6 Tips on Identifying a Good Cat Grooming Salon in Singapore 

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The Nekomori Cat Salon provides grooming services for cats only. Our clean, well-kept and humble facility is free of dogs and small animals, and employs the use of gentle aromatherapy and quiet music to provide a soothing, comfortable setting that encourages curiosity instead of fear in visiting feline friends.

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