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Wellness TruFood Meal Complements and Tasty Pairings Review

Canned Food for Dogs

Canned foods for dogs are one of the easiest ways to enhance meal servings. They come in conveniently packed sizes, and prices begin as low as $2.20 per piece. While feeding canned foods exclusively can rack up quite a bill, choosing to use canned foods as meal toppers instead are, conversely, much more cost effective!

Feeding a diet that is enjoyable to consume and full of variety makes for a happy dog

Canned food for your dog or cat is better than a dry food diet, for the following reasons:

  • Higher meat protein
  • Lower carb content
  • Greater palatability
  • Easy way to provide variety
  • Fresher

Because of these reasons, we’re surprised to know that canned foods are actually not a popular feeding choice for dogs in Singapore.

Wellness TruFood Meal Complements and Tasty Pairings for Dogs

The Wellness brand of pet food is made by WellPet, LLC.  It is regarded as one of the leading innovators in the pet food industry and is well-known for its high-quality and health-oriented dog food recipes. In recent months, the Wellness brand has released a extensive range of canned foods for both dogs and cats, to meet the demand of more pet owners trying out creative ways to make meals more appetizing and tasty for their furry companions. As one of our best selling brands of dog food on the Nekojam online pet store, we’ve decided to do a short unboxing and review of Wellness Pet Food’s all new TruFood Meal Complements and Tasty Pairings!

What is Wellness TruFood?

Before we delve into the unboxing, we thought to share a bit about the Wellness TruFood range. All TruFood ranges are made with quality ingredients that are free of rendered meats, by-products, grain, wheat and potatoes. With a variety of dry dog food (TruFood Baked Nuggets), canned foods (TruFood Tasty Pairings) and meal toppers (TruFood Meal Complements), TruFood is a range unique to Wellness Pet Food, in that it was created to be used in multiple ways.

Choose between Conveniently Shaped Cups or Pouches for Meal Time

Wellness TruFood Meal Complements

Containing no more than five ingredients, Wellness TruFood Meal Complements for dogs come in a total of four flavours. Each is 100% natural with no grains and no fillers, and are packed with fruit and veggie antioxidants, a blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, essential vitamins and minerals and live probiotics.

Each pouch contains 79g of tasty meats and vegetables in broth, and is predominantly chicken-based. We have selected two flavours to open; the Chicken Breast, Beef & Carrot formula, and the Tuna, Beef and Carrot formula.

Preparing the Product

It is worth noting that Wellness TruFood Meal Complements are intended to be served as a topper to your dog’s meal and should be fed together with a complete and balanced dog food diet. Each pouch had a fair amount of broth along with a generous serving of protein! At just slightly over $2 a piece, you can get empty the contains of a single pouch into a clean food container, and spoon out however much you’d like to use at each meal time. A tablespoon-full would be a nice addition to a boring cup of dry kibble.

Wellness TruFood Tasty Pairings

TruFood Tasty Pairings and Meal Complements – Placed next to a pack of tissue

If you want to go the extra mile for Fido, why not use a canned food as a topper instead? For those of you who want to ensure that you’re feeding a complete and balanced meal every single time, Wellness TruFood Tasty Pairings are your answer. Priced at $5.60 a cup, this range comes in a total of 6 different flavours.

Opening up each formula of Wellness TruFoods was relatively simple. Compared to traditional tinned canned foods, these came in cups with peel-back tops. While convenient, this also meant that I would need to transfer any remaining food to a separate container for storage, as the cup was an odd shape and most rubber lids wouldn’t be able to fit over it.

What the TruFood Tasty Pairings Looked Like Under the Cardboard Exterior

It was certainly a feast for the eyes, though, to open up each cup and see a generous serving topped with sizeable bits of green bean, carrot or pumpkin!

Wellness Tasty Pairings with Green Bean, Beef and Lamb Liver

Wellness Tasty Pairings with Carrot, Salmon & Cod

Each cup contains 142g of savoury goodness and smelled extremely tantalizing. Unlike the Meal Complements range, the gravy in each Tasty Pairings cup was saucier. We also liked that the cup was very easily emptied onto a plate, without leaving shreds of meat or residue. Absolutely no spoon required!


So… Is Wellness TruFood worth biting the bullet for? While there are indeed cheaper alternatives, we truly enjoyed the convenience of feeding these alternate canned foods. While most of them contain chicken, and may not be suitable for dogs with poultry allergies, we otherwise feel that they provide a good variety, and would do good to add a variety of flavours and textures to your dog’s regular meals.


Wellness TruFood Promotions

In celebration of the launch of Wellness TruFoods, the Nekojam online pet store is running a limited series of offers on TruFood baked nuggets, Meal Complements and Tasty Pairings for dogs! Check them out here.











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