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Unicharm Launch Promotion: 50% Off Cat Litter & Pee Pads

unicharm launch promotion nekojam

*Offer is exclusive to Nekojam only

It is a great time to be alive indeed — Unicharm’s cat litter and pee pads are now going at 50% off with any purchase of the Unicharm cat litter system on Nekojam! Say goodbye to cat pee stinking up the house; say sayonara to kitty tracking litter all over your floor; bid adios to scooping every single time your cat pees or poops — now you only need to scoop when kitty does a number 2!

And if it’s your first time hearing of Unicharm Cat Litter bins, be prepared to be blown away by their ingenious two-tiered design! Hailed all the way from Japan, this is a litter bin that uses zeolite and silica as cat litter which will be placed in the top tray and a pet sheet, which will be fitted in the bottom one.

Why a two-tier system, you might ask? It’s really quite smart — the pee pad is placed in the bottom tier such that when your cat pees in the litter box, the foul odour of urine is absorbed by the zeolite in the upper tray. What trickles down to the bottom tier would be an odourless liquid that is then absorbed by the pet sheet! Most importantly, the light coloured pet sheet helps you monitor your cat’s pee to see if they are passing urine of the right colour which is extremely crucial in the early detection of some common infections such as urinary tract infection or kidney stones.

If you’d like to read more about the Unicharm cat litter bin, we wrote an article awhile back reviewing this ingenious cat litter system!

Claim this limited-time offer here:

Cat litter subscription service

Running low on Unicharm cat litter? Fret not! Simply sign up for our subscription service to have cat litter delivered right to your door step monthly, or every 2 months. Enjoy a special subscription price when you sign up 😉

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