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Is Tripe Good for My Dog?

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[First published: 7 Mar 2018, Last updated: 1 Oct 2019]

If asked to name a few meat proteins for your dog, the most obvious answers would be the various poultry, beef, lamb, fish and pork. Though these are high quality protein sources, there is perhaps a type of meat that you may find uncommon as an ingredient for dog food here in Singapore. That ingredient is tripe. But you may ask, “Is tripe good for my dog?” Well, we’re about to investigate it in this article.

What Is Tripe?

Ever thought of a new superfood to feed your pets? Look no further, tripe is here. Tripe is a superfood for dogs and is the stomach of grazing animals including cows, sheep and buffalo. The unique feature of these animals is that they have a four-chambered stomach! Yes, you read correctly — four stomachs. However, your dog should only be eating green tripe instead of those sold at the supermarket which are white and bleached. This is because the tripe sold at supermarkets has been stripped of some the nutrients that make the tripe a superfood for dogs.

Dogs are carnivores by nature which means they are unable to breakdown the nutrients that plants have. However, animals such as cow, sheep and buffalo are herbivores which means they solely eat plants. Thus, their body is able to extract all the nutrients that plants offer. To receive the nutrients that your dog lacks from being a carnivore, he/she can consume the green tripe from herbivores. Tripe contains lots of nutrients like natural vitamins and minerals from the digested plants which make it a better food option when compared to processed food.

Here is the list of nutrients found in tripe:

  • Protein
  • Probiotic
  • Enzymes
  • Natural vitamins and minerals
  • Calcium and phosphorus
  • Healthy fats

Benefits of Tripe for dogs

If you are still not convinced of why you should be feeding your dog tripe, here is a list of the benefits of green tripe.

  1. Helps with Weight Management

Is your dog overweight or underweight? Well tripe is here to save the day. Tripe can be used to help reduce weight by replacing normal high carbohydrate meals with it. This would make your pet feel full, provide long term energy and gain lots of essential nutrients. To help your pet to maintain their weight, you can give tripe canned or freeze dried foods as a topper or a treat to gain the nutritional benefits it offers. Lastly, tripe can help your pet gain weight if they are underweight or are recovering from an illness. You can do so by add it to their meals and fret not because the weight gained is a healthy weight. This is because tripe is filled with lots of nutritional benefits.

  1. Appeals to Picky Eaters

Tripe is infamously known for their stinky potent smell to us humans. However, dogs love the strong smell it releases and would be more willing to eat it. Older dogs do not have a good sense of smell as compared to younger dogs therefore, tripe might be appealing to them for its strong smell. You can serve tripe as a regular diet, a nutritious treat or as a topper. If you can stomach the smell of tripe, your dog will have a full stomach.

  1. Gentle on Sensitive Stomachs

Dogs with a sensitive stomach would really appreciate tripe. This is because green tripe contains lots of nutrients that are good for the digestive system. Some of the nutrients that helps with a sensitive stomach are omega 3 and omega 6. Probiotic, which are the good bacteria, is also very good for the stomach as it helps to fend off the bad bacteria like e-coli, listeria, and salmonella. A bonus of probiotics is that they help to prevent your dog from falling sick.

  1. Other Benefits of Tripe

The healthy fats found it tripe will provide lasting energy for your dog throughout the day as well as a healthy high-density lipoprotein. Tripe also helps to build up your dog’s muscles because it has lots of proteins which has amino acid. Dogs already has enzymes in their body. However, by having more enzymes form the tripe, your dog would be able breakdown more nutrient from the food they eat which means they receive more vitamins, minerals and energy.

Overall, tripe contains a lot of essential and beneficial nutrients for your dogs. For the price of most of the tripe food, I would say that it is relatively reasonable when compared with other items in the market. Therefore, if you are looking for a new superfood for your dog’s diet why not start with some of the products and promotions listed below?

Some Awesome Products with Tripe for Dogs:

*Featured Image Source: Peakpx

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