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Top 5 Benefits of Cat Boarding

black and white cat at nekoya top five benefits of cat boarding

[First published 29 Dec 2017, Last updated 22 Oct 2019]

Are you going overseas for a trip but do not want to leave your cat at home alone? Perhaps you’re planning on renovating your home, and you’re afraid of how the dust and debris might affect your cat. Are guests coming over but a couple of them have cat allergies? Fret not, because cat boarding facilities in Singapore are plenty! But what are the benefits of cat boarding as opposed to other options like getting your neighbour or a cat sitter to care for your cat for you? Here are our top five reasons:

1. Your home stays safe

I’m the only one who can kaypoh here!

Generally speaking, we are pretty lucky to reside in Singapore, recognised as having one of the lowest crime rates in the world. But that doesn’t mean that crime is non existent. Even though pet sitting can be a viably low cost option for cat parents, the thought of having a stranger roaming around in a place as personal as your home might make you quite uneasy!

A cat boarding facility can therefore be one of the most secure options for you. For one thing, there’s no worry about strangers entering your home. You can also be sure that your keys are yours and yours alone; it’s virtually unlikely for people to make copies of your home keys when they don’t have it in the first place.

Disclaimer: Singaporeans are generally an honest bunch, of course, so we are unlikely to steal anything. But we can be quite kaypoh (which, according to this article, is not a bad thing? Hmm…).

2. Your cats are in the hands of professionals

Play time, all the time!

Cat boarding facilities are usually run by experienced and trained staff who know what they are doing.  They understand your cat’s basic needs and can offer a more holistic solution that takes care of your cat’s mental and physical well being. You’ll be assured that your cats are well-fed, well-rested, well-loved, and most of all, safe. As much as your friends and neighbours might adore your cat, many people are not well trained in understanding cat behaviour. Your cat might end up not receiving the proper care it needs while you are away, despite all good intentions.

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3. There’s someone around most of the time

Come home now, or this clock gets it!

As much as we like to be at home taking care of our cats and attending to them at a moment’s notice, most of us hold regular jobs that require us to leave the house.

Well, so does the neighbour or your family member you asked to cat nanny.

Hence, you can’t expect them to give undivided care and attention to your cats all the time. Even the most professional cat sitters are probably engaged with other cat sitting jobs and would probably have to move around a lot. And it is unlikely that enough time is given for play time exercise, or cuddling, or grooming.

So what do you do? You give them to people who’s day jobs ARE to take care of cats! It is a sensible conclusion. It is especially critical for felines needing extra special care due to health conditions, or specific behaviors that cause them to require more attention than the average cat. If your cat requires medical attention on a regular basis, opting to board them at a cat boarding facility ensures that a skilled hand is available to monitor their condition and ensure that medication is administered timely.

4. Your home remains clean throughout your vacation

Welcome back to clean home!

How often have you come back from a vacation, only to discover your home had been visited by the “cat tornado”? Yup, hairball, bits of cat litter, tumbled over chairs, scratched couches and a cat sitter who is as (apparently) clueless as you about what happened. All this, while your cat sits in a corner giving you a why-should-I-care look. And can I even mention the smell? Your cat sitter might be doing a good job keeping the cat well fed and happy, but your home is another matter. You can’t really blame them for not really cleaning up after your cat – They aren’t paid to do that much.

At a cat boarding facility, though, cleanliness and hygiene are imperative. It is the facility’s job to ensure comfort for their guests. Your cat’s litter box will always be well kept and clean, there are enough toys to keep your cat distracted, and more than enough scratch posts to go around. Just think: You come home to a pristine living room with everything just the way you left it!

5. Your cats get to learn to socialise

Sometimes, the benefits of cat boarding may not be apparent. For example, if your cats are generally shy around strangers, cat boarding may help them be more sociable; not just with unfamiliar humans, but with other cats as well. Of course, such comfort may take time and should not be forced. However, cat boarding facilities are likely to have the skills, experience as well as equipment necessary to make your cats feel at ease in its new environment. Your cats may no longer shy away from strangers again after such an experience!

Still unsure about the benefits of cat boarding? How about dropping by at our sister company, Nekoya Cat Boarding Hotel to see what they have to offer? You can set an appointment to drop by for a visit before your next vacation plans. Nekoya’s team of professional cat caretakers would be able to also answer any of your concerns during the facility tour.. Which is absolutely free!

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