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Top 5 Best Fancy & Unique Cat Tunnels in Singapore

Top 5 Best Fancy & Unique Cat Tunnels in Singapore featured image

A cat tunnel is a fun and interesting way for you to add some spice to your cat’s playtime routine! Cats love tunnels as they block your cat’s vision which gives them a sense of excitement and caters to their predatory instincts.

Most cat tunnels provide crinkle sounds that stimulate your cat. A good thing about cat tunnels is that unlike cat trees, they are usually foldable so that you can store them when your cat is not playing with it or when you have guests around.

Cat tunnels come in many different sizes and designs and here at Nekojam online pet store we carry a few good quality cat tunnels to help you find one that suits your house decor or your cat’s needs. Below are some of them:

Petio Cat Tunnels

Our Petio cat tunnels are extremely popular with cat parents who love Japanese culture. They make great talking points when you have guest coming over. The one in blue is designed to look like a koinobori or “carp streamer”, a traditional windsock that is used to celebrate Japan Children Day.

The one in orange was intended to look like a Chikuwa which in our local context is something like a fishcake. I’m sure you’ve seen it before in a Yong Tau Foo stalls!

Marukan Sleeve Tunnel

These Marukan sleeve tunnels are great for cats who love to squeeze into tight spaces. It is akin to putting a sock on your cat. Will work great in homes that turn on the air-conditioner as it might get warm. Might still be worth it since you get to see your cat as a stub.

-same same but different

Hagen Cannon Tunnel

Never really liked your cat and want to blast it away? We got the purrfect tunnel for you. This pirate cannon tunnel will blast your cat to smithereens. Check out it’s cute feather fuse as well. Great for cats who never really grew up and the lost boys.

Marukan Cooling Aluminium Tunnel

This is a multi-functional cat tunnel, this aluminium cat tunnel also serves as a heatsink for any overheating cat. It works very well in an air conditioned room but will still work fine at room temperature. Its simple and clean design is easy to wipe down if your cat decides to barf into it as well. The Marukan Cooling Aluminium Cat Tunnel can hold up to 2 cats but it costs almost $120. However, we will like to note that it does not require electricity so you will save on that!

*Featured Image Source: Pixabay

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