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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Your Dog or Cat

We love the holiday season! It’s that time of the year where you get to catch up with old friends and family, eat lots of good food, and have the perfect excuse to shop! It’s always nice giving (and receiving!) presents, so we’ve come up with a list of things for all pets naughty or nice… Check them out and let us know what your favourite picks for Christmas are in the comments!

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1. Old Mother Hubbard Gourmet Goodies |  $12.90

We love that Old Mother Hubbard has come up with a gourmet range of yummy, healthy treats for dogs. Incorporating both sources of meats, fruits, and even essential herbs for a nutrient boost, Old Mother Hubbard’s new snacks come in different textures to suit the taste buds and preferences of your pup. Angel’s personal picks are the Honey, Apple and Bacon Fruitin’s, which are crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside,  as well as the Cheddar, Chicken and Rosemary Crispers, which are cheesy and crunchy!

2. The Foobler | $54.90

Our favourite little interactive feeder is back for the holidays! While we already have one of these at home, we’ve received feedback that lots of pet parents want to give the toy a try. What’s more, our green and red design is pretty symbolic of Christmas, so we’ve decided to sell them at a special holiday price of $54.90. Offer ends 30th December 2014 and is not applicable for further discount via coupons. More information: http://nekojam.com/foobler-singapore/

3. KONG Easy Freeze Kits | $19

A while ago, we posted a home made recipe for frozen treats on our Instagram feed. It may be the end of the year, but in Singapore, we aren’t spared from the hot and humid weather, regardless of the month. These kits make DIY sessions a breeze, and come with 3 sachets of KONG Freeze Mixes (in chicken, cheddar cheese and maple) so you can see which your pup enjoys the most! We love the look on Angel’s face when we give her a frozen snack on lazy afternoons. The tray can obviously be used for making any other recipes you have in mind as well.. What’s not to love? Pick from a medium or extra large ice tray.

4. The Barkery Christmas Pupcakes | $5/piece

Our favourite home bakery is back with some limited edition goodies for the month of December. A twist on their traditional Pupcakes, the Christmas Pupcakes come topped with a lovely shade of christmas colours, without skimping on flavour! If you’re interested, they’ve also got limited edition Beef Tendons and Turkey Jerky to satisfy your precious pooch.

5. CATIDEA Food Storage Containers | $39.90 onwards

We’re just going to say it- We hate ugly food storage solutions. We don’t care if it’s what we feed our dog from, or what we keep the dog food in, or whether anyone even sees it. We’ve had enough of ugly tupperware containers, so can we please just say that this item is a Godsend? Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it’s air tight, has a dual lid for taking daily food servings out, and pouring monthly food reserves in, has wheels for portability, and even comes with a food scoop. We also appreciate the fact that there are even compartments for oxygen and moisture absorbers.

6. Fruitables Greek Yoghurt Coconut Treats | $15

Everyone love Fruitables! We haven’t come across a dog that has been able to turn its nose up at the delicious aroma that stems from every bag we open, so its safe to say that we were all more than delighted when we heard about Fruitables’ new treat ranges: Whole Jerky and Greek Yoghurt. The one that interests us most (cute packaging aside– The watermelon skinny minis are adorable!) is the coconut flavour!

7. TouchDog Limited Edition Leather Collars and Leashes | $65 onwards

Too gorgeous. We’ve never seen a prettier set of leather wearables for dogs. These we snagged on a business trip overseas, and unfortunately only had enough space to bring back one each of. Angel’s got a set in Tiffany (sorry ladies!) and she’s received nothing but praise by everyone who’s seen her wearing it. Of course, we only don it on her for special outings, since we don’t want the leather to get dirtied or damaged. We love that the leash can be used two ways- Full length at 1.2m, or double clipped to the collar for a shorter, firmer handle.

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1. CATIDEA Double Comfy Cat Beds | $59.00

These adorable beds are so functional and would fit perfectly in any home. We love that they have a little stitched handle for portability, and come with a super plush cushion. The beds double as a hideout for your cat when they feel like having some quiet time, or can be pushed down to form an open top lounger for days appropriate for window-sunbathing. 😉

2. The Honest Kitchen Wishes Treats | $16.00

We totally get that cats can be really picky. These treats are purrfect, though- Made of 100% wild caught haddock, and dehydrated for preservation, Honest Kitchen’s Wishes break into smaller pieces with ease and make treat time a blast. It’s also really awesome that it’s suitable for sharing with the resident dog, too.

3. Northmate CATCH Interactive Feeder | $30.00

Sounds impossible getting a cat to play to work for its food, but with the Northmate CATCH feeder, we’ve heard from friends (who took a leap of faith!) that their cats would use their paws to scoop food out of this baby. Which is adorable. Feeding time was extended, and also left the felines tired out from some having to put some effort into meal time, for once.

EDIT: Ooops! We’ve just run a stock check this morning and the CATCH feeder’s already out of stock for the holidays. We’re accepting preorders for this, so go ahead and place an order if you’d still like one. If not, check out our other favourite cat dispensing food toy, the KONG Cat Wobbler and the Petsafe Twist n Treat Teaser!

4. KONG Denim Kickeroo | $14.50

Ever caught your cat doing hind kicks in an attempt to fulfil its dream of kickboxing that darn neighbour? Well, with the KONG Denim Kickeroo, your cat can have the same amount of fun– Without anyone getting severely injured! (Just kidding.) These babies are filled with catnip, and pack a punch during play time. We’ve seen Mags of The Company of Cats kick this for 10 minutes straight, and it was indeed a sight to behold.

5. Alfie De Meow’s Kitten Silhouette Necklace | $39.00

Super kitsch! We know this isn’t for cats, but we’re pretty sure everyone has that one crazy cat lady in their life. This necklace is super adorable and would look lovely regardless of your outfit choice, as just a touch of gold. The pearl drop at the back leaves a nice touch.

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Photo Credit: peddhapati via Compfight cc

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