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The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog & Cat Foods

Hi Everyone!

Today we’ve got a lesser known, but thoroughly nutritious brand of food for you to learn about. It’s The Honest Kitchen! Kibble junkies, this one isn’t for you, but if you’re interested to learn about a new school of feeding for your precious pet, read on! We’ve also got a giveaway waiting at the end of this post. 😉

Dehydrated Foods for Dogs and Cats

What are dehydrated pet foods?

Essentially, dehydrated pet foods are those which have had moisture removed. This prevents bacteria from growing, allowing the food to last a long time, while preserving its nutritional value, aroma and colour!

Dehydrated pet food bridge the ground between dry pet food and raw pet food. It is a suitable feeding option for pet parents who are apprehensive about feeding a largely kibble, or canned food based diet, for fear of the bad flack that such commercial foods sold by huge pet food conglomerates have been receiving over the past few years, but are hesitant on feeding their cat or dog a raw or home-cooked diet, for fear of being unable to correctly provide balanced, complete meals.

About The Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen offers pre-mixed, human grade, dehydrate pet food for dogs and cats. All of The Honest Kitchen’s products are FDA approved. The company uses all-natural, chemical and by-product free, whole ingredients to manufacture their holistic pet food.

Products from The Honest Kitchen contain no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) ingredients and the company strives to add organic ingredients wherever possible. Also, each new batch of raw ingredients used are tested clear of salmonella, E-coli, listeria, lead, arsenic, mercury, melamine, yeast, mold and pesticide residues (read more about their ingredients policy here).

The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Foods

The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Cat Foods

The Honest Kitchen Treats  and Supplements

How To Feed The Honest Kitchen?


The Honest Kitchen is super easy to prepare. Simply add warm water and wait 5-10 minutes for the re-hydration process to complete. There are many ways to feed The Honest Kitchen to your dog or cat, in fact. The mix is positioned to be fed alone as a complete meal, but we wouldn’t stop there, because where would all the fun be? Imagine the possibilities! For those who are concerned that feeding a dehydrated food such as The Honest Kitchen is a little too painful on the pocket, a dollop of the tasty mixture can be served with kibble as a food topping to make meal time more enticing for your pet. Heck, you can even freeze a couple spoonfuls in ice cube trays or in a classic KONG to serve up as a treat.

Why Opt for Human Grade? 

If you wouldn’t eat it, why should your pet? We can’t imagine surviving on bland, preservative chocked-full pet food for our entire lives.

The term “Human Grade” means that ingredients used to manufacture the food are from sources meant for humans.

The Honest Kitchen prides themselves on providing human grade pet food as it reflects highly on the quality and integrity of the products. These ingredients are free from chemicals, preservatives and fillers that would constitute as “Feed Grade” under the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AFFCO) and the FDA. (Feed Grade ingredients are usually cheaper but their origin and quality is usually unknown… Ew.) To top it off, The Honest Kitchen produces their food in a human food facility, not a pet food plant, keeping them in line with the highest quality and safety standards!

The Honest Kitchen’s human grade pet food really hit home with us. At the Nekojam online pet store, we’ve always been all for quality pet foods. We’ve also always understood that being a pet parent in this day and age isn’t easy. Most of us work office jobs, and hardly have time to take a breather ourselves, let alone set aside time to prepare nutritious, homemade meals for our families and furry friends. The Honest Kitchen takes prep time right out of the picture! I mean… Can you imagine? A box full of goodness that requires only water to rehydrate!

We had to give this one a try ourselves, and so we decided to conduct a taste test in the comfort of one of our team’s homes.

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Review

Courtesy of the good people at Roots Technologies, The Honest Kitchen’s distributor in Singapore, we were very kindly given a 2lb tub of The Honest Kitchen’s Zeal for the purpose of this taste test. Zeal is a fish based dehydrated dog food formula, which is great for dogs with allergies to poultry-based foods.

We decided to add some of it mix into Angel the Golden Retriever’s dinner.



The dehydrated food smelled a little like “ba hu” – Also known as meat floss to those of us who live in Singapore. Opening up the container filled the entire kitchen with a heavenly aroma! Obviously, it was completely dry and resembled a powder. We could see chunks of little dried vegetables and meat after sifting through the mixture a couple of times.


We were joined shortly after we began by the little lady. Angel was thrilled! While we were busy getting some warm water for the rehydration process, she’d found her way from outside the house into the kitchen– Must’ve been that yummy smell! She proceeded to plop her butt down in the center of the room and began staring expectantly at her food dish.

We (unfortunately) forgot to capture this, but we began timing the rehydration process. We let the food sit for about 5 minutes, but by then, Angel had already gotten too excited to wait any longer. The mix had taken on a semi-soupy form and was less drippy than when we had begun, but it wasn’t as solid as we thought it’d be. That was alright with Angel, though, and definitely didn’t deter her from lapping everything up in the next couple minutes.

(If you need more ideas, the company has come up with a list of 6 Ways to Feed The Honest Kitchen. Should you feel that waiting 5 minutes every day for your pet is too long, you can even batch produce a few baggies of the food for the week and freeze them. Simply leave them out to thaw before feeding time,but no more than 48 hours worth at a go, please!)

A nutritious meal awaits!

Angel weighs in at 23kg (really tiny for a goldie, we suspect she was malnourished as a puppy) and so only got 2 cups of goodness! She is also the only of our 7 pets to be on a raw diet, hence the raw chicken meat. She still does occasionally get kibble and canned foods when we are too busy to prepare her foods, when we are away on holiday, and when she needs a little snack in her interactive toys.


Gimme! I can’t believe you would torture me like that!

Rating The Honest Kitchen’s Dog Food

So far, reviews of The Honest Kitchen products have generally been very positive. The Dog Food Advisor has given it their highest rating of 5 stars! We think its a perfect supplement to any diet. The Honest Kitchen’s foods are complete and balanced, and I’m sure we can all appreciate that. Sometimes, home-cooked foods and raw foods, if done incorrectly, can cause nutrient deficiencies in your dog or cat. It’s important to ensure that your pets’ diets aren’t lacking in any crucial nutrients!

That having been said, if you’re looking to improve the quality of food that your pet is on, but do not have time to prepare each meal due to your hectic Singapore working lifestyle, why not give The Honest Kitchen dehydrated pet food a try? Sure, it’s a little more time consuming than scooping out kibble and meats out of a can, but the health benefits sure sound worth it! 10 minutes is all it’ll take for you to be ready to offer your pet a meal close to how nature intended with almost all the nutrients, enzymes and other valuable compounds still intact!

A guide to how The Honest Kitchen makes their dehydrated food from core ingredients such as meats & fish, potatoes & grains and vegetables & fruits can be found here, for those whose interests we’ve piqued! The Honest Kitchen also produces many other products for both dogs and cats, and even supplements!

The Honest Kitchen Samples for Dogs and Cats

Are you interested to try The Honest Kitchen? We’ve got sample packs of most, if not all, of their flavours! If you’d like one, drop us an email at enquiry@nekojam.com or hit us up on the Zopim live chat app so we can figure out how to get it to you.

Alternatively, shop our range of The Honest Kitchen’s dehydrated foods for dogs and cats here.

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