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Solid Gold Pet Food Singapore

Nekojam is proud to carry Solid Gold’s new range of dog and cat foods! Solid Gold’s holistic pet foods have always been a popular choice with Singapore pet owners, with their wide range of dry and canned foods, treats, supplements, and skin and coat care products.

Made with high-quality, purposeful ingredients, Solid Gold’s pet foods are carefully formulated to support your pet’s overall health and well-being. Here’s a look at the all new range of dry and canned foods, with the introduction of new, novel proteins like quail, rabbit, venison and turkey!

Solid Gold Dry Dog Food

Solid Gold’s dry dog food contain 20 nutrient-dense superfoods, carefully balanced to provide optimal nourishment for your dog’s health and well-being. With wholesome and nutritional ingredients such as Ocean Fish Meal (for lean muscles, healthy skin and coat), Egg Protein (supports muscle growth and metabolism), Taurine and L-Carnitine (supports heart health and helps burn fat), and many more, your dog is sure to thrive on a Solid Gold diet.

Solid Gold Dry Cat Food

Similar to their dry dog food, Solid Gold’s dry cat food combines 20 superfoods to provide your cat with the essential nutrition they require. The best ingredients are sourced from around the world to create these recipes. With no added corn, wheat, soy, artificial preservatives and flavours, Solid Gold’s dry cat food is all natural.

Solid Gold Canned Dog Food

With high moisture content, Solid Gold’s canned dog food provides hydration and supports your dog’s internal organ functions. Only high-quality ingredients are used in these recipes; no meat by-product meal, corn, wheat, soy, sugar, artificial preservatives or flavours are added.

Solid Gold Canned/Wet Cat Food

Canned cat food is an important part of a cat’s diet as the moisture helps to increase their water intake, which is vital to their health. A nutritionally complete and balanced meal, Solid Gold’s canned/wet cat food now come in cans, pouches and cups, and include a good variety of proteins and textures for the discerning feline.

Solid Gold High Protein

A new range of high protein dry dog and cat food has also debuted and Nekojam is proud to carry these new formulations in Singapore! With a minimum protein content of 38% (dog food) and 40% (cat food), these high-protein recipes deliver naturally balanced nourishment and contribute to your pet’s overall health.

Give your pets the energy to always be themselves. With Solid Gold’s specially formulated range of holistic pet foods, your pets can look and feel great while they live life to the fullest.

Click here to check out Nekojam’s full range of Solid Gold pet foods in Singapore.

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