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Here’s What to Expect During Singapore Cat Festival 2019!

singapore cat festival poster featured image

Cat lovers rejoice! The Singapore Cat Festival (SCF) will be returning for the second year running from 27 – 28 July 2019. Last year, the event saw an astounding response of more than 15,000 visitors and we’d expect this year’s turnout to be no less overwhelming!

Organised by Furflr (a events company that specializes in curating exciting events for pets and  pet owners in Singapore) and supported by Year 3 students majoring in Entrepreneurship at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, the event celebrates Singapore’s uniquely local cat culture (because where else will you find stray cats who have been well-fed and well-groomed by local volunteers?). SCF also aims to provide a platform for cat lovers to gather in a show of solidarity and shine a long-overdue spotlight on our feline friends because they’re not just adorable – They make great pets too! It’s definitely going to be a one-stop event for cat aficionados to learn more about cats and to shop to their heart’s content!

Here is what you can expect at the Singapore Cat Festival 2019:

What to Do at SCF 2019

  1. Listen to Sharing Sessions by Industry Partners and Enthusiasts

the cat people sharing session singapore cat festival 2018 facebook
Image Source: Singapore Cat Festival 2018 | Facebook

Industry experts, leaders and players from Allpets Aqualife Clinic, Nekoya Cat Hotel and The Cat People, amongst others will be sharing their wisdom and insight on topics about how you can prepare for your first cat, travel with cats, how to build a cat-friendly environment etc.

  1. Join a Leather Crafting Workshop

kids leather crafting workshop semicolon works singapore cat festival
Image Source: Semicolon Works | Website

Learn how to craft a leather cat collar with Semicolon Workshop so your cat has its very own personalised collar!

Semicolon Works believes in using resources sustainably and being socially conscious of consumerism. Participate in their workshop and by the end of it, you would have upcycled premium leather offcuts into something your cat will surely love.

  1. Adopt a Cat

cat adoption drive singapore cat festival 2018 facebook
Image Source: Singapore Cat Festival 2018 | Facebook

Thinking of becoming a cat-parent? There are going to be cat adoption drives hosted by both Cat Welfare Society and Purely Adoptions! Pick the cat that is right for you and your family and give it a furrever home. Purely Adoptions will also be the recipient of SCF2019’s Donation Drive, where cat owners will be encouraged to bring down items that they do not require, to aid cats in need (such as newspaper, new packs of cat food, toys, brushes).

  1. Shop cat-related items


brand discovery singapore cat festival 2018 facebook
Image Source: Singapore Cat Festival 2018 | Facebook

More than 30 local and international vendors will be present to sell their products as well! Keep a lookout for brands like Happy Cat, Wellness, King Catnip and plenty others. If you’re unfamiliar with some of the brands at the SCF, there’s no better time to fire away any questions you might have or to explore new brands so that you know that you’re providing only the best for your cats.

Creative Bazaar

creative bazaar purrballs cute cat merchandise singapore cat festival 2018 facebook
Image Source: Singapore Cat Festival 2018 | Facebook

A bazaar with all things cat related? No cat lover would be able to resist this! There, you’ll find vendors selling the most adorable cat-themed merchandise and cat accessories.

Other Stuff You Can Do at SCF

cats of instagram singapore singapore cat festival 2018 facebook
Image Source: Singapore Cat Festival 2018 | Facebook

Receive goodie bags filled with cat-related items, samples and vouchers! On top of that, attend an exclusive Meet and Greet session with some Insta-famous felines from Cats of Instagram. You’ll definitely not want to miss this!

Things to Take Note Of:

SCF Is a Cat-Friendly Event

Feel free to bring along your feline friend to the event. However, make sure that your cat is either leashed or kept in a safe travel carrier at all times. Also, since this is a cat-friendly event, please don’t bring any other pets!

Free Admission!

Admission is free for all and no registration is required! However, if you’d like to receive event reminders and updates about the event, or enrol yourself into the SCF2019 Lucky Draw you may register for SCF on Eventbrite.

Be sure to mark your calendar for the 27th and 28th of July. The Singapore Cat Festival is the event that you certainly don’t want to miss!

Location: Great World City (Indoor atrium + sheltered
outdoor atrium)
Date: 27 & 28 July 2019
Duration: 11AM – 9PM
Admission: Free!
Website: https://sgcatfestival.com/
Facebook Page: Singapore Cat Festival Facebook Event
Instagram: @sgcatfestival

Image Source Credit: Singapore Cat Festival | Facebook

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