10% OFF: UniCharm Anti-Bacterial Zeolite Cat Litter


  • Comes in 2L & 4L sizes
  • Weighted pellets result in minimal tracking
  • Effectively eliminates odour
  • Made of zeolite and silica
  • Compatible with the Unicharm Litter Bins
  • 2L bag is sufficient for one cat a month

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UniCharm Anti-Bacterial Cat Litter

UniCharm anti-bacterial cat litter is dust free, low tracking and simple to use – The zeolite and silica formula firmly adsorbs ammonia ions, effectively eliminating foul litter box odours. When used with UniCharm Anti Bacterial Sheets, urine filters down into the lower tray and is absorbed, while cat faeces can be easily scooped from the top tier of the UniCharm DeoToilet Cat Litter Bin. A 2L bag can last a month in a single-cat household.

4 reviews for 10% OFF: UniCharm Anti-Bacterial Zeolite Cat Litter

  1. Christine Yim (verified owner)

    Bought this as I am using Unicharm litterbox. Mine came in a different packaging from what it shows here. However the litter pellets are the same. Expensive but will last for months. Mine never runs out and so I just throw everything away and replenish after 2 months.

  2. fionalow.nana (verified owner)

    Fantastic product! Save a lot of trouble change cat litter frequently. Controls odour very well. Love it!

  3. helmetwang (verified owner)

    No more dusts.
    No more painful feet when clearing their litter place.
    My 2 cats use this in an instant when I bought it.
    Can never do without.

  4. megumi0717 (verified owner)

    Great! Easy to use and very easy to clean.
    This is worth for my 3 cats and myself.

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