Thornell Odormed, 22oz

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  • Comes in a 22oz spray bottle
  • Permanently eliminates any animal related odor
  • Can be applied on cages, fabric, carpet, floors, walls or any area with odor
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    Thornell Odormed

    Thornell Corporation has been in business since 1980, with their sole business focusing on manufacturing odor elimination products. With that said, you can rest easy knowing that if you are using Thornell products, you are in fact using, “The One That Works!”.

    Thornell Odormed is a professional strength, all-purpose deodoriser that is designed to completely cover and saturate the odor area. To eliminate odor effectively, spray directly on the source of the odor. Use enough product to completely cover and saturate the odor area. For hard surfaces, spray directly on the source of the odor and wipe or let air dry. For fabric or carpet, soak the area to allow ODORMED to reach the odor source and let it air dry naturally. On stains, soak the area and rub thoroughly with a sponge or a clean cloth and let it air dry.

    The product must come in contact with the source of the odor to be effective. If odor persists after ODORMED has dried, the source of the odor has not been reached. Continue to reapply as necessary.


    Contains water, proprietary essential oil blend and preservatives.


    Spot test for color fastness before applying to any fabric. Do not spray directly into animals eyes. For external use only.

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