SANYO Tama No Densetsu Gourmet Tuna with Salmon Canned Cat Food, 70g

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  • Comes in a 70g size
  • Made with human-grade, savoury tuna & salmon
  • Enhanced in a thick & tasty gravy
  • High in psyllium to reduce hairballs and litter box odour
  • Contains GABA for mental health
  • Collagen peptide contributes towards a beautiful coat
  • Suitable for all life stages

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  • Description

    SANYO Tama No Densetsu – Gourmet Tuna with Salmon Canned Cat Food

    Tama No Densetsu まの伝説 is one of SANYO’s top seller in Japan, where savoury maguro comes directly from the port of Yaizu and is sent straight to the factory. Tama No Densetsu, or ‘Legend Of Tama’, is a creed that believes in making the best out of raw materials and using it as it is, manufacturing without using extra additives. This gives cat owners the confidence in the food’s freshness and premium quality which the Japanese have grown to trust.

    The Gourmet series, as its name suggests, comes with additional benefits, enhancing your cat’s overall experience with the food. Much like what a gourmet meal does.

    With the addition of DHA & GABA, the range of Tama No Densetsu Gourmet formulations helps to maintain the mental and physical health of your cat. The DHA aspect help in the maintenance of your cat’s skin and coat, with the Dietary Fibre helping with digestion and the regurgitation of hairballs. Also, did you know that GABA is essential for our cats? A deficiency of GABA may lead to anxiety and phobias which is why GABA is most commonly found in calming supplements prescribed by vets.

    Drenched in moisture, the Tama No Densetsu Canned Cat Food is perfect and recommended for cats that tend to lack water. Despite its amazing ingredients, the range of Tama No Densetsu Gourmet formulations is not a balanced and complete meal and has to be further supplemented with other kinds of foods or supplements.


    Tuna, Salmon, Tuna Extract, Dietary Fibre (Psyllium), Bonito, Bonito Powder, Collagen Peptide, Oligosaccharide, GABA, DHA binding lecithin, Thickener (Xanthan gum), Vitamin E

    Guaranteed Analysis:

    Crude Protein 8% min
    Crude Fat 1% min
    Crude Fiber 1% max
    Crude Ash 2% max
    Moisture 87% max


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