Petnostics Hydrophobic Cat Litter


  • Prevent serious issues through early identification
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • As sand is the natural environment of cats, they should feel comfortable and at ease urinating on the litter
  • To be used with other Petnostics test kits and strips

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Petnostics Hydrophobic Cat Litter

Checking your pet’s urine early is often the key to keeping your loved one healthy. Identifying early warning signs can help prevent more serious problems. By allowing you to check your pet’s health instantly, Petnostics helps you easily engage with your pet’s health.

The Petnostics Hydrophobic Cat Litter allows you to easily collect urine from your cat! Simply replace your existing cat litter with this reusable hydrophobic litter when you want to test your cat. When your cat urinates in the litter box, the urine will remain in the litter box, allowing you to use the included pipette to cleanly collect your cat’s urine.


  1. Empty litter box and rinse with water until clean.
  2. Pour Petnostics Hydrophobic Cat Litter into clean litter box.
  3. After cat urinates in liter box, use the included pipette to transfer urine into included collection tube.

For use with Petnostics Urine Test Kit and Petnostics Individual Test Strips.

Product consist of:

  • Hydrophobic cat litter
  • Pipette
  • Collection tube


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