PetCubes Chicken Frozen Raw Cat Food, 12 Cups


  • Comes in an 85g size
  • Convenient portioned for easy thawing & feeding
  • Provides twice as much energy compared to most commercial wet food
  • Made from human grade meat
  • Strictly free of pork using only Muslim rites slaughtered meat
  • Suitable for adult cats
(9 customer reviews)

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PetCubes Chicken Frozen Raw Cat Food

PetCubes was founded based on the evolutionary fact that all animals are preys and predators to one another. PetCubes never doubted that kibbles, canned food and dehydrated food were all commercially manufactured since the 1950s to make good use of meat scraps, provide convenience and increase profits. However debatable it may be, PetCubes stand firm to the belief that cats must consume fresh, raw food. This is their natural diet.

PetCubes imports the best human grade produce from Australia, New Zealand and Norway. PetCubes select cuts meant for human consumption, nothing close to carcass scraps. From cage free chickens, to free range deer, PetCubes pride their food as the most premium cat food you can find in this region. Every cup of PetCubes is packed with a high energy punch of clean protein, minerals, essential fatty acids and natural taurine.

Ensuring the high quality of a raw diet, only fresh, chilled, muslim rites slaughtered meat. PetCubes take these ingredients, put them together in balanced proportions and flash freeze them for any day consumption. Meeting HACCP controls, we pack and seal every cup, leaving no loss of quality and freshness. As you thaw to feed every cup of PetCubes, you are brought closer to understand that this is the diet every cat was meant to consume. It is naturally intended.

We only use anti-biotic free lean chicken breast meat. Anti-biotic free chicken promotes good health and boosts your cat’s immune system as well as help with weight control. It is packed with omega oils. This diet improves digestion and promotes better urinary health. This is an absolute starter diet for all discerning cat parents who want to start on a raw diet. We highly recommend this diet if you are new to raw feeding.


Lean Chicken Breast Meat
Chicken Bones
Chicken Liver
Chicken Heart
Chicken Gizzard
Deep Sea Salmon Oil
Organic Sea Kelp
Organic Bilberry
Iodized Sodium

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 19.10%
Crude Fat 4.19%
Crude Ash 1.50%
Moisture 72.50%
Calcium : Phosphorus 1.1:1 Calorie Content ME:

Calorie Content ME: 1317.6kcal/kg, 112kcal/cup*

*Pet Cubes provides 2 times more energy compared to most commercial wet food brands in the market

Feeding Guidelines:

Simply transfer from freezer to chiller about 10 hours before feeding. During feeding time, transfer the amount required to a cat bowl and leave at room temperature for about 5-10mins before serving. DO NOT feed frozen, DO NOT refreeze after thawing. Our products do not contain any preservatives, therefore it must be handled like human food.

Healthy Adult Cat Daily Requirement

Weight of cat (kg)

Energy (kcal)

Pet Cubes Cup


























Additional information

Weight 1 kg

9 reviews for PetCubes Chicken Frozen Raw Cat Food, 12 Cups

  1. Christine Yim (verified owner)

    My cat loves Raw Instinct food. It comes in a small cup of 85g (about the same size as a small can of wet food), so you can feed one entire cup for each meal without worrying that your cat is not able to finish everything in one meal. Instructions say that you are supposed to only let it thaw for 5-10 mins at room temp after taking out from the fridge, but this isn’t possible as it is still very cold and hard, with solid frozen chunks inside. My cat refuses to touch it when it isn’t fully at room temperature, so take note if you have a fussy cat. However, she likes it a lot and had no problem transitioning. Love how convenient it is to feed this, great option if you want to feed raw but do not have time to prepare.

  2. starrlynlau (verified owner)

    My kitten, Angel adores Raw Instinct. Ever since she is on raw diet, she shed lesser, her stools are firm, and even my hubby who is allergy to cat, stops wheezing. I love that it is in such a neat packaging for my easy handling. Thawing is convenient and I do not have to worry about mishandling of raw food. Just have to bring it down to the fridge 10hours before and it’s good for feeding. My kitten isn’t fuzzy about her food being cold, therefore usually I dont have to leave it out for 5-10 mins in room temp. Initially, I was worried my kitten may not be getting enough nutrients but ever since her journey with Raw Instinct she has been doing really awesome.

  3. songwenn (verified owner)

    I used the chicken formula as a starter to transit my cats to other flavors as it is the most acceptable meat for them. The chunky texture and finely ground bones worked well for my fussy cat!

  4. jessica.karvin (verified owner)

    My cat loves the Chicken one the best and devours it everytime I feed him this. The packaging makes it easy to portion and feed.

  5. Lynette Yong (verified owner)

    3 years ago when I just have my cats, I have read about raw meat diet. But, I cannot find what I like – convenient packaging, no strong smell. This month while surfing around Nekojam, I happened to chance upon this brand and after watching the video review, attracted by the packaging, I have decided to give it a try! Gosh, I am glad I did! I have 3 cats (2 female – Hana and Miki, 1 male – Hero), 2 of the female love it the moment I feed them half a quarter of it and I have been slowly increasing! Love to hear them “meowing” seeing me preparing! While the picky “raja” is just fussy and ate only a little, will only finish them if I am to mix with his favourite dry food. Now I am into the 5th day, the female are happily eating for both meals while the “raja” is slowly lapping it up. As I am typing, I realised most probably he doesn’t like to eat cold food :(, for I did not leave it outside for 5-10 mins. Instead, I feed them directly taken out of the fridge…. oops… sorry Hero, as I keep thinking you need to cool down as you always look at me with your grouchy face >.<

  6. linda2j (verified owner)

    1st time tried for my cats. Only 1 cat likes it. The other cat just look at it in amazed. Ooh my.. (

  7. aja_303 (verified owner)

    Really great, locally packaged/made raw food for cats!
    As cats are obligate carnivores, I feel so much better feeding this to my rescued kitten than the mostly-grain/filler kibble (that was even recommended by a vet). He was rescued by us at only 5 weeks old, and the fact that he wouldn’t touch dry food/know how to eat it told us enough. But ate wet and raw food like a pro.

    We were feeding him commercial wet food prior to switching to raw, and his poop went from being a little softer and stinky, to mostly dry, dark and not smelly at all. His coat even got shinier and silkier, which was just another sign that he was doing well on this food.

    Now and then I’ll mix the raw with some commercial canned wet food (mainly meat, high protein content), just to change things up so he doesn’t get used to one flavour/texture and become picky about his food. But he absolutely LOVES this, and all the other Raw Instinct variations (Beef, Venison, Duck, etc), and licks his bowl clean every time.

    So glad to have found an affordable, convenient, locally produced raw food that seems to be really made with cats’ needs in mind. You only need to look at the label to know it’s well-formulated – it’s not pumped full of preservatives and unnecessary colours/flavours. As if cats need artificial colouring to want to eat food lol – definitely all just marketing for humans.

    The only other thing is that I guess it’d be nice to know exactly what vitamins/minerals are going in it so that I know if I need to supplement for whatever reason, but as it is, I can’t recommend Raw Instinct enough 🙂
    Definitely saved me from making my own raw food from scratch!

  8. avalyn (verified owner)

    Wow, this is like kitty crack! And that’s coming from a pawrent who has already been feeding homemade raw food for my six feline fusspots! I’ve never seen my kitties so enthusiastic about any new food, and they seem to prefer this to my usual blend of raw meat with pre-mixes. I’m a convert now. For the moment, I’m feeding the Raw Instinct Chicken flavour, because my cats can be so finicky with other meats. But I hope to give the other flavours a try at some juncture. Really glad that we have a reliable, healthy and wholesome raw food manufacturer, and even more so because the meats are free-range and antibiotic-free!

  9. betzyb (verified owner)

    Raw feeding is made so much easier with Pet Cubes! And it’s easy to ‘hide’ medication and supplements in the meat. Best thawed overnight.

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