Pee Wee EcoHus Litter Bin


  • Measures L56m x W39cm x H38.5cm
  • Choose from 3 different colours: Black, Brown or Grey
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Pee Wee Cat Litter – Pee Wee EcoHus Litter Tray

PeeWee is an odourless, dust-free and clean toilet system for your pet cat. Together with Pee Wee Cat Litter, the Pee Wee EcoHus helps you save on cat litter, minimizes cat urine odour and makes it easy for you to dispose of and clean your litter bin. Pee Wee cat litter helps you save up to 60% of cat litter (depending on how many cats/household).

  • Dimensions: 56L x 39W x 38.5H cm

Instructions for Use:

  1. Fill cat litter up till the mark in the upper tray
  2. Cat urine is absorbed by the Pee Wee pellets, and turn into sawdust. The sawdust passes through the grating into the lower tray
  3. Dispose of the used sawdust in the lower container and scoop up kitty waste.


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