Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay

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  • Comes in a 15oz and 40oz sizes
  • Contains 100% orchard grass
  • Green, fruity-smelling grass hay
  • Provides a long-strand fibre source to improve the digestive and intestinal functions
  • For chinchillas, guinea pigs and rabbits

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  • Description

    Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay

    Orchard Grass is a green, fruity-smelling grass hay which many small animals enjoy. To the untrained eye, it looks identical to timothy grass, but the seed heads have a different shape.

    It is a perennial cool season grass with flat leaf blades. The leaves vary in colour from green to bluish-green depending on the maturity of the plant. The lower surface of the leaf is not shiny, and leaf sheaths can be somewhat rougher to the touch than Timothy.

    Orchard Grass is recommended by veterinarians for small herbivores due to the nutritional content. Orchard Grass can be mixed with other grass hays when feeding your pet. This is encouraged because animals seem to like the variety. Mixing your grasses will encourage them to eat more hay, which is beneficial to the health of the animal.

    100% Orchard Grass Preservative and Additive Free.
    Loose hay contains stems, leaves, and limited seed heads

    Nutrition Analysis:

    Protein: 7.0%
    Fat content: 1.5%
    Crude fibres: 32%

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