Oxbow Oat Hay, 15oz

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  • Comes in a 15oz size
  • Contains 100% oat hay
  • Provides not only nutrition but environmental enrichment that mimics the animal’s natural habitat
  • Good source of fibre/ bedding alternative
  • For chinchillas, guinea pigs and rabbits

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  • Description

    Oxbow Oat Hay

    Oat Hay is companion forage that is similar in nutritional analysis to the western timothy. Your animals will love the immature oat grain that is contained in the seed head and will benefit greatly from the fiber in the leaf and stem. Oat Hay is a good source of fiber and also gives variety to your animal’s diet. This product also makes a good bedding alternative to wheat straw.

    The stage of maturity at harvest determines the development of the seed head. If the hay is harvested immaturely, at the early bloom stage, the actual oat kernel is not mature. The seed heads consist primarily of oat husks, which are rich in fiber. It is at this early stage that Oxbow harvests its Oat Hay . The result is light green/tan hay with flaky oat husks at the top. Although there is no mature oat kernel present, the hay smells like oats and guinea pigs and rabbits love it.

    100% Oat Hay. Preservative and Additive Free.
    Loose hay contains stems, leaves, and limited seed heads

    Nutrition Analysis:

    Protein: 7.0%
    Fat content: 1.5%
    Crude fibres: 32%

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