Optimus Pet The Revolutionary Supplements Powder

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  • Comes in a 500g size
  • 100% vegetarian & halal
  • Immunity support
  • Suitable for all life stages

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    Optimus Pet The Revolutionary Supplements Powder

    Optimus Pet® Proteins are 300-400% more readily digested & absorbed than meat because it’s a Single-Celled Micro-Plant Diet. Protein Molecules from Optimus Pet® are only 4-8 microns in size with no cholesterol, antibiotics or steroids. Animals of the past forage for themselves but feedlot animals today are nutritionally abused with GMO Corn providing only omega-6, causing massive inflammation in Pets. Not only is corn an extremely allergenic food & difficult to digest, it can be highly contaminated with deadly aflatoxins, a carcinogen that poisons the liver & promote tumor development. Most pet foods are made with corn-based ingredients.

    Optimus Pet® contains one of the highest natural sources of DNA & RNA (Cell Repair & Detoxification). Optimus Pet® food source is abundant, resilient, grows extremely fast, are fantastically efficient at folding Complex Proteins & the good news is, Optimus Pet® is a vegetable source!

    For more information, visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more about Optimus Pet The Revolutionary Supplements Powder. Optimus Pet The Revolutionary Supplements Powder is available for sale in Singapore at Nekojam, Singapore’s favourite online pet shop.

    Feeding Guidelines:

    Puppies/Baby Animals – 1 scoop powder before or with all 3 meals (subsequent increment to 2 scoops per meal)
    Adult Animals – 2 scoops powder before or with all 3 meals (subsequent increment to 3/4 scoops per meal)

    Unlike isolated vitamins, there is no real fixed dosage for vegetable source food like Optimus Pet®.
    You gradually increase serving size according to your pet’s comfort level.

    Preferred Serving Time: 9am-12noon-3pm-6pm

    Product Disclaimer:

    The packaging, size, measurements, and overall final, saleable condition of this product is subject to change by the manufacturer and/or supplier without prior notice to retailers or end consumers. As such, descriptions and details listed on are only meant to be representations and estimates. At the point of sale to the end customer, the original integrity of the purchased product shall remain the same. Any doubts pertaining to the product should be clarified prior to making the purchase by liaising with our customer support team.

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