Loyalty Pet Treats Wild Caught Tuna Powder Meal Topper, 15g

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  • Comes in a 15g size
  • 100% single ingredient with no fillers or nasties
  • A packet of finely ground, wild-caught Ahi Tuna to be sprinkled on top of your pet’s meals
  • Easy way to introduce new proteins in small amounts
  • Makes a great meal topper for finicky furkids
  • Just a pinch is enough for this topper to work it’s magic!

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    Loyalty Pet Treats Wild Caught Tuna Powder Meal Topper

    A packet of finely ground, dehydrated wild caught Tuna that is sure to add excitement to your pet’s meal by giving them a taste of the sea!
    Derived from the ever-popular Loyalty Pet Treats Ahi Tuna Steak treat, this concentrated meal topper is sure to be a hit with all furkids!
    Especially recommended for owners with fussy furkids.


    100% Wild Caught Ahi Tuna

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