King Catnip Lil’ Round Ball Catnip Toy


  • Filled with 100% organic North American catnip
  • Uses loose catnip leaves (not dust!)
  • Handmade in the US and UK
  • For all life stages

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King Catnip Lil’ Round Ball Catnip Toy for Cats

Filled with 100% organic and ethically sourced catnip leaves (not dust!) that is specially grown in North America. The optimal climatic conditions produce the strongest aromatic fragrance that will have your felines nipping at you to let them play with King Catnip toys. Meticulously handmade in the UK and USA, let your feline feel the love!

All catnip filled toys should be regularly replaced to ensure that your cat continues to enjoy fresh and hygienic toys.

For more information, visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more about King Catnip Lil’ Round Ball Catnip Toy. King Catnip Lil’ Round Ball Catnip Toy is available for sale in Singapore at Nekojam, Singapore’s favourite online pet shop.

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