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    KALAHealth Immunix for Dogs and Cats

    IMMUNIX for Dogs and Cats is a nutritious supplement that protects against free radical damage. It contains powerful antioxidants including amino acids, enzymes, grape seed extract, vitamins and minerals that work together to maximize protection against free radical damage. IMMUNIX supports the immune system and circulatory functions, and inhibits ailments.


    Superoxide Dismutase – 65mg Grape Seed Extract – 30mg Co-enzyme Q10 – 1.25mg Vitamin C (Ester-C MV) – 200mg Vitamin E (in IU) – 50IU Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene) – 250IU Vitamin A (Palmitate) – 1000IU L-Glutamic Acid – 12.5mg L-Cysteine – 12.5mg L-Glycine – 12.5mg L-Glutahione – 1mg Selenium – 0.015mg Zinc (picolinate, citrate) – 3mg Copper – 0.06mg Manganese – 0.25mg Molybdenum – 0.006mg Magnesium – 9mg

    Directions for Use:

    For best results, use daily throughout your pet’s life. Give as treat or crumble and mix with food according to the following schedule: Small Dogs or Cats: One half tablet daily Mid-sized Dogs (20-50lbs): One tablet daily Large Dogs (up to 100lbs): Two tablets daily Giant Breeds: Three tablets daily

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