Iceland Pure Sardine Anchovy Oil (Pharmaceutical Human Grade, Unscented)

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  • Comes in a 250ml size
  • Offers an exceptional Omega 3 compared to other fish oil
  • Supports healthy skin & cost
  • Promote heart health & cellular health
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Suitable for all life stages
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Iceland Pure Sardine Anchovy Oil (Pharmaceutical Human Grade, Unscented) for Dogs and Cats

Fish Oil is an essential supplement to our pets’ diet as Omega 3 is often missing in many pet food, if found, it is often of a compromised quality. Providing a good quality Omega 3 product is not only essential, it can also help prevent and solve many existing and future problems.

Iceland Pure Sardine Anchovy Oil offers an exceptional Omega 3 value as compared to other Fish Oil. Made of small top feeding fish, Sardine and Anchovy contains one of the most concentrated sources of omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Sardines are also an excellent source of Vitamin B12, ranking as one of the World’s Healthiest Food promoting cardiovascular well-being.

A level higher than Human-Grade, Iceland Pure Sardine Anchovy Oil is not only unscented (wave goodbye to fishy breath), it is also Pharmaceutical Human Grade, and tested for purity and guaranteed to be free of heavy metals, making it one of the purest and highest grade of Fish Oil with proven benefits such as relieving dry itchy skin, decrease shedding and lubricating joints.

Iceland Pure has been in operation for more than 10 years, serving pure, natural and unscented Fish Oil. Housing pure, wild-caught Icelandic and Norwegian Oil in Brushed Aluminium bottles with a micro-thin epoxy coating. Iceland and Norway are known to have the cleanest and clearest water without contamination. Research has shown that plastics can contaminate oils.

Iceland Pure’s brushed Aluminium bottles prevents cross contamination with the container and also prevents light degradation that may occur in white or clear bottles.


Support Healthy Skin and Coat – EFAs have been widely used and recommended to help support skin and coat health. EFAs can and will help in decrease shedding, dry skin as well as improve shine in coat.

Promoting Heart Health and Cellular Health – Essential Fatty Acids is proven and has shown their ability to keep heart and blood vessels healthy. This includes those that help to keep the brain healthy and functioning optimally. Supplementing Essential Fatty Acids can help to support and maintain healthy growth of cells and normalised the EFA levels in the body.

Anti – Inflammatory – DHA and EPA plays a huge role in the immune system because of their ability to bring EFA levels to a balanced state. Allergies and inflammations and joint disorders can be improved with the consumption of healthy EFAs.

To obtain all these benefits, Iceland Pure Sardine Anchovy Oil is the way to go.

This product is intended for supplemental use as part of your pet’s daily diet.

For more information, visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more about Iceland Pure Sardine Anchovy Oil (Pharmaceutical Human Grade, Unscented). Iceland Pure Sardine Anchovy Oil (Pharmaceutical Human Grade, Unscented) for Dogs and Cats is available for sale in Singapore at Nekojam, Singapore’s favourite online pet shop.


60% Wild Icelandic Sardine, 40% Wild Anchovy Oil, Natural Vitamin E


  • 25kg or less: 2 pumps daily 

  • 25kg or more: 3 pumps daily

    * 2pumps = 1 teaspoon

Guaranteed Analysis per Teaspoon (2pumps): 
EPA: 727mg
DHA: 498mg
Omega-6: 58mg

Storage: Best kept in cool dark areas or refrigerated. We recommend that you use the oil once opened in 90 to 120 days, this doesn’t mean that the oil will go bad after such period. The best way to now if the oil is good is by smell. If you keep it in the fridge it will last much longer but is not necessary to do so.

Product Disclaimer:

The packaging, size, measurements, and overall final, saleable condition of this product is subject to change by the manufacturer and/or supplier without prior notice to retailers or end consumers. As such, descriptions and details listed on are only meant to be representations and estimates. At the point of sale to the end customer, the original integrity of the purchased product shall remain the same. Any doubts pertaining to the product should be clarified prior to making the purchase by liaising with our customer support team.

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