Hagen Catit Magic Blue Cartridge Odor Defence


  • Effectively reduces ammonia
  • Fits every litter box
  • Minimizes odor without erasing your cat’s scent mark
  • For all cats
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Hagen Catit Magic Blue Cartridge Odor Defence

Artificial odor control by litter
Most modern litters are artificially enhanced for odor control. These come at a risk, as cats are in direct contact with the litter and may ingest hazardous particles while grooming their fur and paws.

Natural odor absorption by Magic Blue
Magic Blue efficiently reduces ammonia and cat pan odors from a safe location outside of the litter. The filter pads contain a special resin that absorbs and retains odors like a big sponge. This is an entirely natural process that doesn’t involve any kind of chemical or toxin. Chemical sprays try to camouflage bad odors by adding even more unhealthy gasses to the air.
Magic Blue is unscented, non-toxic and improves the air quality for you and your cat.

reduces ammoniareduces odours

Ammonia is the most irritating and hazardous gas found in cat urine. Magic Blue gradually absorbs and retains ammonia up to 80%. Magic Blue will reduce up to 40% of cat pan odors, depending on your cat’s diet.

cat's instinct

In nature, cats use feces and urine to mark their territory. Indoors, these odors can build up quickly. A cat’s sense of smell is about 15 times stronger than our own. So when ammonia and foul odors build up inside of the litter box, we certainly aren’t doing our cat any favors.

However, Magic Blue minimizes odors without erasing your cat’s scent mark from the litter box. Excessive cleaning and scented sprays can distress and confuse your cat to the extent it stops using the litter box, especially when other cats are close by. Simply place Magic Blue in your trashcan and experience the magic every time you open the can.
The smell will be reduced by an average of 50% or more, depending on the contents.

Fits every litter box 

fits every litter box
1. Place two pads into the cartridge
2. Put the sticker on the docking station and peel off the remaining paper
3. Attach the docking station to the top of the litter box interior
4. Insert the cartridge into the docking station

For more information, visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more about Hagen Catit Magic Blue Cartridge Odor Defence for Cats. Hagen Catit Magic Blue Cartridge Odor Defence for Cats are available for sale in Singapore at Nekojam, Singapore’s favourite online pet shop.

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