Habitrail Ovo Tee Tunnel

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  • Safe & secure
  • Increases living space
  • Air vents to improve airflow
  • Designed based on extensive behavioral studies
  • Suitable for hamsters

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  • Description

    Habitrail Ovo Tee Tunnel

    Habitrail OVO Tee allows you to add an upward or sideway trail or add a water bottle to your Habitrail setup. The Tee has air vents to improve airflow and ensure that your hamster’s home is always fresh

    The complete line of Habitrail OVO housing and accessories is based on extensive behavioral studies of pet hamsters and is designed to help enhance their quality of life.

    Completely redesigned, re-tooled and reinvigorated, OVO brings even more interesting and entertaining venues in which hamsters can explore, burrow, snooze, exercise or simply chill out.

    Product Dimensions:

    8.4 x 8.9 x 9.6 cm

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    Weight .040 kg
    Dimensions 8.4 × 8.9 × 9.6 cm
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