F10 Super Concentrate XD Disinfectant 1L


  • Comes in a 1L size
  • Added-detergent for non heavy duty cleaning
  • Pet-safe disinfectant
  • Non-corrosive, alcohol free
  • Great for cleaning cages, litter boxes, food bowls etc.
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F10 Super Concentrate XD Disinfectant

F10SCXD has the same broad spectrum of kill as F10SC Disinfectant. It has added detergent to give it the ability to be a ‘one-step’ product for light duty cleaning and disinfection.

  1. Additional detergent for light-duty cleaning including washing and scrubbing

  2. Non-corrosive, equipment friendly

  3. pH balanced

  4. Tested safe for use in households with pets

  5. Highly cost-effective

  6. Biodegradable

  7. Alcohol and aldehyde free

  8. Non-flammable

  9. Leaves no stains and can be used on any surfaces

Applications (uses of F10SCXD at recommended dilution):
1:500 – General disinfection
1:250 – High-level disinfection
1:100 – Resistant Viruses & Infectious Diseases

Wash & Scrub to clean and disinfect

  1. Walls, floors, tiles, basins, work surfaces

  2. Cages/kennels, litter boxes, carrier boxes, perches

  3. Food and drink bowls, utensils, crop needles, feeding bottles

  4. Waste bins

  5. Soaking of laundry e.g. blankets, PPE’S, pet toys

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