Dr. Mercola Dental Gel w/ Herbal Extracts

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  • helps clean teeth, freshens breath, promotes and maintains healthy gums
  • For cats & dogs
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    Dr. Mercola Dental Gel

    Together with a company in the U.S. that’s been manufacturing quality herbal dental products for ten years, we’ve created a proprietary formula for Mercola Healthy Pets.

    Not available anywhere else, my Healthy Pets Dental Gel contains 8 essential oils and extracts that can potentially:

    • Help clean teeth
    • Freshen breath
    • Help promote clean gums

    My complete Dental Gel formula contains a total of 8 main ingredients that are:

    • Plant-based and 100% natural
    • Safe without potential adverse effects for both cats and dogs
    • Effective at cleaning teeth, even without brushing

    The 8 main ingredients in my peppermint flavored Healthy Pets Dental Gel are designed to work together to help keep teeth clean.

    Don’t wait to see dirty teeth. Begin using my Dental Gel with Herbal Extracts on your pet as early as possible.

    It’s so easy to use. Just squeeze the recommended amount onto your fingertip. For a medium size dog, that’s only a fourth of a teaspoon. For a cat, just an eighth of a teaspoon.

    If your pet will allow you to open his mouth, simply smear the gel over his teeth and gums. If not, place the gel on his lips, paw, or muzzle, and he’ll lick it off. The more he licks, the more it will mix with his saliva and coat his teeth and gums.

    When smearing the gel on your pet’s teeth, focus on the back molars first. Especially with cats, this is where most of the dirt accumulates. Move to the pre-molars, canines, and then the incisors.

    Order your Healthy Pets Dental Gel with Herbal Extracts today and know you may be making a great decision for your pet.

    Don’t put off your pet’s dental care one more day. Order now.

    For more information, visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more about Dr. Mercola Dental Gel. Dr. Mercola Dental Gel is available for sale in Singapore at Nekojam, Singapore’s favourite online pet shop.

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