CheckUp At Home Wellness Test Kit for Cats


  • Biodegradable and easy disposal
  • 100% natural and non-toxic
  • Ideal for aging and overweight cats
  • 60 second testing
  • Non-invasive and stress-free
  • Easy to use DIY kit
  • On the spot results for 4 test
  • Recommended by top veterinarians

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CheckUp At Home Wellness Test Kit for Cats

CheckUp At Home Wellness Test Kit for Cats is a quick, simple, and reliable testing method to give you an overall picture of your cat’s wellness through at home urine testing.

It can detect the most common issues amongst domestic cats including High Glucose Levels, Kidney Failure, Urinary Tract Infection, and Blood in Urine.

By using CheckUp, you can detect a health condition in time to prevent health deterioration and improve your cat’s lifespan. You can also monitor your cat’s health as required by a veterinarian. Sand is used to collect urine sample as it is the natural environment for cats, allowing our product to yield quick compliance. The hydrophobic sand feels and smells just like regular sand, so cats are very cooperative when sample collection is required.


  1. Pour the litter – Pour all of the hydrophobic litter into a clean and empty litter box. The hydrophobic litter should not be added to regular litter as it is designed to be used on its own. A think layer of CheckUp litter is enough to gain responsiveness.
  2. Wait for your cat – Allow your cat to urinate freely in their litter box. As sand is the natural environment of cats, they should feel comfortable and at ease urinating on the CheckUp litter.
  3. Collect a sample – Once your cat has finished urinating and has stepped away from the litter box, you can easily collect the suspended sample from the top of the sand with the provided pipette.
  4. Fill the vial – Fill the provided vial with the collected urine inside the pipette. The vial should be filled to 3-quarter capacity in order to ensure enough of a sample to submerge the entire testing strip.
  5. Dip the strip – Simple dip the strip into the urine filled vial for 2 seconds, Make sure all four squares are submerged to ensure all parameters will be tested. Recap the vial for further use. Do take note that the testing strip is for one time use only and should not be used for multiple tests.
  6. Read results – Quickly place the diagnostic strip in the designated section of the reading card. Determine results according to the instructions on the card and the reading results tab of the website. It is extremely important to read the results according to the outlined time frames stated on the result card as colors on the diagnostic strip will continuously change.
  7. Keep the sample – If necessary, the sample can be kept for further use or given to your veterinarian for further analysis. Simple close the vial tightly with the cap and keep in the refrigerator. Refrigerated sample can be sent for further evaluation in up to 48 hours.
  8. Further analysis – If the test shows any positive results or the sample was obtained specifically for formal evaluation by a clinic, take the sample to your vet for further information and evaluation upon appointment.

Reading of results from the reading card:

We recommend having a clock on hand and a pen so that you can circle the colour present at exactly 30 and 60 seconds respectively for each parameter.

Carefully read the notes below before starting the test:

  • The results card is located inside the box. Detach this before conducting the test for easy reading and colour comparison
  • Once you have dipped the strip in the collected sample for two seconds, and all four squares having been submerged, quickly place the strip on the reading card for close reference to the colour chart.
  • Since the colour changes, only the colour present at 30 and 60 seconds respectively will reflect the result.
  • At 30 seconds, circle the colour that most closely resembles the result present on the diagnostic strip for the first 3 parameters.
  • Repeat this at 60 seconds for the last parameter (blood).
  • CheckUp is not designed to diagnose a problem or to replace a visit to your veterinarian and we recommend you to call your veterinarian for more information and consultation on the results of your test.

Product consist of:

  • 2lbs (900g) hydrophobic litter
  • 2x testing strips
  • 1x sample collection vial
  • 1x sample collection pipette

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