Cat Litter Company Cat Health Indicator, 200g

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  • Comes in a 200g packet
  • Can be used with ALL cat litters
  • Detects anomalies in urine
  • Include deodorizer to eliminate odor
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  • Description

    Cat Litter Company Cat Health Indicator

    Cats are notoriously good at hiding illnesses but with the Cat Litter Company Cat Health Indicator, it detects anomalies in urine and will alert you days before your cat shows more obvious signs of being unwell. Through monitoring of your cat by using this indicator, it will provide an early detection of potential health problems including cystitis, bladder stones, urethral plugs and bladder infections, allowing a quicker diagnosis and therefore, quicker treatment. This product works well with all cat litters.

    Do note that the Cat Litter Company Cat Health Indicator is NOT for “at home diagnosis” and should NEVER be used as a substitute for veterinary care. If you feel that your cat is having health or urinary problems but the litter does not change color, contact and visit your veterinarian as soon as possible.


    1. Pour the litter – Once a month after refilling your cat’s litter box, spread the entire contents of the Cat Litter Company Cat Health Indicator bag evenly across the top of the litter.
    2. Wait for your cat – Allow your cat to urinate freely in their litter box. As this is an addition to the normal litter, they should feel comfortable and at ease when urinating.
    3. Read results – A short moment after the cat uses the litter box, compare the color of the crystals at the urination spot to the colors on the enclosed result chart. The color on the chart will show whether the cat is OK or whether the vet must be visited
    4. Eliminate odor – After completing the test stir the Cat Litter Company Cat Health Indicator into the regular litter where it will help eliminate odors.
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