Bunny Nature Daisies & Red Clover Flowers Mid Botanicals Mix, 120g

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  • Comes in a 120g size
  • A roughage mix that can be served as a snack to increase food excitement
  • Further supplementation is required if intending to feed as a main meal
  • Fresh, wholesome roughage from clean, untouched meadows

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    Bunny Nature Daisies & Red Clover Flowers Mid Botanicals Mix

    Roughage in itself is quite fantastic. It offers the herbivores a variety of culinary options, coupled with crispy-long chews. Simply ideal.

    So far as a snack. And now – through a special combination of raw materials – a balanced complete feed is possible!

    It all starts with the MAXI-MIX varieties, which are the main ingredient when you want to mix a complete structural feed. Or simply give it as a snack.

    For Feeding as a snack

    The »all nature BOTANICALS MAXI MIX and MID MIX« are particularly good due to their fine ingredients and natural composition. The mixture corresponds to the natural diet of herbivores and ideally completes their daily menu. All varieties taste deliciously fresh and provide a tasty variety.

    For feeding as a complete food

    The entire »all nature« concept is also perfectly suitable. It is nutrition tailored to individual needs, which can be put together as desired, as if it were a modular system. The »BOTANICALS MAXI MIX« varieties with their various flavours are used as the main ingredients and are mixed with the »BOTANICALS MID MIX« varieties in the correct proportions. In addition there are »all nature VITAMINS« and the complete structural food product is complete – without pellets and extrudates. For all those who cannot, may not or do not want to eat other processed/compressed feed components but do not want to miss out on balanced staple food. With this concept, herbivores are fully supplied in a completely natural, pure way.

    Rose blossoms, red clover flowers (20%), red cornflower blossoms, marigold petals, daisies (10%), sunflower blossoms, pink cornflower blossoms

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