#1 All Systems Fabulous Grooming Spray

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  • Weight: 12oz
  • Formulated from natural ingredients
  • Prevents the hair from matting, tangling, static and splitting
  • Protects hair from chemical and physical damage
  • Improves texture and volume, combability and gloss
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs

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    #1 All Systems Fabulous Grooming Spray

    #1 All Systems Fabulous Grooming Spray is specially formulated from all natural ingredients including but not limited to components derived from sunflower, coconut and corn oils. The lipid layer enhancer deposits lipids on the skin which increases its softness, smoothness and moisturization of the skin with prolonged use (3-7 days). The lipids and conditioners that coat the coat protects the hair chemically and physically and prevents the hair from matting, tangling,  having static and splitting, even if the hair gets wet after the spray has been applied, allowing your pet’s hair to be more manageable.

    Instructions for Use:

    • The spray may be diluted with water, preferably distilled or used full strength.
    • Spray and let dry before brushing out. This gives the product time to do it’s job and will make the brushing and combing much easier, reducing your grooming time.
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