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Brand Spotlight: Schesir Cat Food Singapore

Nekojam’s Review of Schesir Wet Canned Food Singapore with free giveaway!

[First published: 5 Jan 2015, Last updated: 20 Jan 2020]

Let me guess — you’re reading this because you own a cat. A cat that seems predispositioned to rejecting any kind of novel, new food you present to it, in hopes it’ll savour a bite or two.

Am I right? See, I do know how you feel! Why? Because my cats hate it when I switch up their foods. I suppose you could blame this on my family for feeding them the same old boring thing for the better part of their collective adolescence.  By the time I began learning a thing or two about basic cat nutrition (read: cats are obligate carnivores and normally really dislike drinking water, since they’ve got low thirst drives), it was too late — my felid overlords were hooked on poor quality kibble, overweight, and living in a semi-permanent state of dehydration.


Fat? Did you call me fat online?! How will I ever face the world again?
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In light of my new found information, I decided to make it a personal mission to see to it that my cats at least got more water on a daily basis, and a range of new items in their diets. At Nekojam, I’ve learnt to enthusiastically recommend protein rotation. You know what they say about variety being the spice of life? It’s true! I went on to discover that canned foods are one of the easiest ways to boost moisture intake in pet cats and dogs. Canned foods contain almost 75% moisture, and they taste great, too. But here came the tough part: my cats had never tried canned foods before, and disliked any disruptions to their food regimes. As creatures of habit, cats are known to get “addicted” to their regular supply of food. As a result, it was much easier to give my cats a variety of brands of dry foods, but I was never really able to find more than a handful of canned cat food brands that were fussy cat approved.

It’s a known consensus amongst owners with cats, that that the finickier ones shun the pâtĂ© styled cans like the plague. That’s okay, the thought of eating brown pasty food doesn’t appeal to me either. My cats seem to much prefer canned foods with real chunks of meat in them, but there were (and still are) a very limited number on the market, though I’m not very sure why. My cats have tried most brands available, and now, moving forward, I’m pleased to be able to introduce a new contender to the canned cat food arena that seems to have caught their interest— Schesir Pet Foods.

Introduction to Schesir Pet Foods


These little squares make us happy… Just look at all the flavours available!

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Hailing from Italy, Schesir Pet Foods is a brand of Agras Delic, a member of the Italian Association of Pet Food and Pet Care Industries. The Schesir pet food brand has always represented the very best in natural pet foods of high quality. Their range of canned cat foods and canned dog foods are made of 100% natural ingredients, of the same quality as those used for human consumption. Schesir refrains from using artificial additives, preservatives, and colourings in the production of their products, and the foods are carefully selected, steam-cooked and hand-processed.

I’ve never heard of a brand with so much variety for cats before, so I took a chance and got around to uploading the entire range onto the web store. Even before the team could begin to decide how to promote Schesir Pet Foods, customers had already begun placing orders, so as of right now the warehouse is stocked full of most flavours for cats. For the purpose of really getting to know and understand the brand, I’ve selected three flavours of Schesir cat canned foods for an in-depth look and review — one from each range that the brand boasts — Schesir Tuna with Shrimps in Natural Jelly, Schesir Natural Salmon in Cooking Water, and Schesir Tuna and Chicken in Natural Gravy.


1. Packaging:

On first glance, Schesir canned cat foods come very nicely packed. Each flavour is branded and identified with a unique colour of its own, regardless of the range it belongs to. Each individual can comes packed with a cardboard exterior, which apparently serves to protect the fragile tin from damage. Initially it did seem as if the cardboard packaging was unnecessary and wasteful, but upon further inspection and research, I found that the cardboard material is produced using recycled paper. Schesir Pet Foods places a significant emphasis on reducing its carbon footprint through several reforestation projects aimed at offsetting carbon dioxide emissions — a definite plus point!


2. Range and Ingredients

Schesir’s canned cat foods come in three ranges — paired with jelly, natural cooking water or gravy — and are available in a total of 19 flavours that will appeal to cats who appreciate some rotation in their diets. The company chooses to use mostly tuna and chicken fillets in the formulation of their foods. I was delighted to hear that Schesir chooses to use 100% sea fished fishes and hormone free chicken in their formulas. It’s always good to know that the brands I trust to provide foods for my pets make an effort to be honest and transparent about their business processes. Schesir’s fishing practices, for example, are dolphin safe, and they do not test any of their products on animals.

3. Price Point

Schesir canned cat foods are generally very affordably priced at $1.55 a can, and come in portions big enough for a full meal for felines, putting the brand on par with a few established alternatives in Singapore. The only exceptions are the salmon in cooking water ($2/can) and the gravy-based range which sells at $1.75/can.


Derp writer’s note: I very cleverly rearranged the cans so I’ve named them again, in case anyone gets confused. Sorry!

Can #1 – Schesir Tuna with Shrimps in Natural Jelly


Jelly seems to be a popular ingredient in canned cat foods. As to why, we’re not so sure. Perhaps it enhances the palatability of the food? As a skeptical cat owner, I’ve learnt to shy away from foods with excessive amounts of strange ingredients (if I can’t figure out why it’s in that can, why should it be?! *shakes fist*) I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Schesir jelly based can had a minimal layer of jelly coating the meats! Not bad. I decided to inspect the rest of the can, and poured the contents onto a plate.


I dug around a bit and found bits of prawn, and even a few teeny prawn shells! This might be a bit alarming. (You can see them in the picture above.) A quick online search reveals that it’s totally fine to feed prawn shells to your cat for the following reasons:

  1. Prawn shells are a good, natural occurring source of glucosamine and and fiber
  2. They provide kitty with a good jaw workout (chewing is healthy, not gulping!)
  3. The shrimp in Schesir canned cat foods have been steamed, and the shells were pretty soft to the touch
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Moving forward, this little can contained a hefty amount of tuna! A bit of mixing seemed to distribute the jelly evenly amongst the rest of the can’s contents. I can see how a cat would enthusiastically enjoy this!

Can #2 – Schesir Tuna and Chicken in Natural Gravy

Schesir Tuna and Chicken in Natural Gravy

Schesir Tuna and Chicken in Natural Gravy plate

When poured entirely onto a dish… That’s a lot of gravy!

The Schesir Tuna and Chicken in Natural Gravy can surprised me because the gravy was more watery than I expected. It’s probably best suited for feeding as a food topper, or for finicky cats who need a bit of coaxing when it comes to meal time.  It did seem like there was a equal amount of both meats in the can, though, and I guess a mild tasting gravy is better than one that’s intentionally flavoured!

[product id=”21194″]

Can #3 – Schesir Natural Salmon in Cooking Water

Have you ever seen orange liquid in a tiny can? Now you have.


Thankfully, it was just the colour of the cooking water — probably tinted from the pretty orangey-pink colour of the salmon meat (phew!). Here’s a photo for reassurance:



Yum! A plate full of salmon. This is a novel flavour that’s normally not available to kitties, and is a great alternative to the traditional boring tuna flavour offered on retail shelves. Schesir also boasts the use of other fish meats in their formulas, such as pilchard and whitebait. I was expecting a can of meat soaked in plain water, but this doesn’t look too unappetizing! It’s certainly a good choice for cat owners with obese cats, or those with food allergies, since it’s pretty obvious there’s only a single meat source in the can.

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In Conclusion

What Kitty Likes:

  1. Good Variety, Greater Price
  2. Ethical Sources and Healthy Practices
  3. Hygienic, Convenient, Eco-Friendly Design

Schesir Pet Foods earns a rating of 4/5 stars for me! I’m taking a star off because I can see how the cardboard exterior, while with good intentions, can contribute to intermittent wastage. I’ll have to recycle them, or find other ways to use them! While I haven’t managed to snap good photos of the Nekojam cats chowing down on Schesir cat food, the feedback thus far from most customers has been that their picky cats haven’t rejected the brand!

Have you tried Schesir canned cat foods? How did your kitty enjoy it? Leave a comment below!

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