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Brand Spotlight: Royal Canin Pouches for Cats (Wet Food for Cats)

Royal Canin’s range of wet food for cats comes in pouches instead of cans. Some benefits of packaging wet cat food in pouches are waste and space reduction. Not only that, pouches are technically more environmentally friendly as they take up less space in the landfill compared to metal cans. (Source)

Another differentiating factor for Royal Canin Wet Cat Foods are that they are formulated for specific life stage, conditions and breeds. This way, your cat is able to get the most for their specific breed or life stage.

Life Stage Specific Royal Canin Wet Food for Cats

These formulas are specially formulated for kittens and older cats. Some recipes come in both jelly or gravy variants. Typically gravy has higher palatability for cats than jelly but this is subject to the cat’s individual preference.

Adult Royal Canin Wet Food for Cats

Sterilised cat pouches are formulated for cats that have been sterilised. After sterilisation, energy requirements of cats decrease. This formula helps limit the risk of excess weight gain.

Condition Specific Royal Canin Wet Food for Cats

These recipes target different conditions that some cats might have such as beauty for better coat, light for cats that are prone to weight gain and digest for cats that have weaker digestion.

Breed Specific Royal Canin Wet Food for Cats

You can also consider getting breed specific formulas for your cats. These recipes are prepared for the health and energy requirements for these breeds.

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