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A Review of PetCubes Frozen Dog Food Singapore

[First published: 2 Oct 2017, last updated: 12 Jun 2019]

Dogs and the Kibble Dilemma

Kibble, or dry dog food, is the most commonly fed staple item to most dogs living in Singapore and around the world. Touted for its convenience and affordability, dry dog food comes in a plethora of brands, flavours, shapes and sizes. Yet, more dog owners are choosing not to purchase dry dog food for their dogs if they can afford it. More dog parents are instead opting to find creative, alternative methods of feeding to provide their beloved pets with a palatable meal at the start and end of each dog – citing dry dog food as boring and unappetizing. More and more studies are also showing that kibble-fed dogs live shorter, less fulfilling lives, and succumb to cancer, amongst other life-threatening illnesses at younger ages.

Alternatives to Dry Dog Food in Singapore

In the past 6 months, we’ve seen a surge in popularity for freeze-dried dog food, canned dog food, as well as frozen dog food on the Nekojam online pet shop Singapore. When asked for a reason why pet parents were suddenly adding these items to their carts, many quipped that they felt that these were easy ways to add variety to their dog’s meals.

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Commercial Frozen Cooked and Raw Dog Food in Singapore

There are also those who choose to feed their dogs cooked or raw food diets, citing the following benefits of choosing to feed such a dog food diet:

  • Improved digestion
  • Less frequent bowel movement
  • Reduction in urine and stool odour
  • Healthier skin and coat
  • Minimized shedding and hairball regurgitation
  • Greater dental health
  • Reduction of allergic reaction in humans around pet

Cooked dog food and raw dog food diets are generally prepared at home, by the owners of the dogs themselves. However, such a feeding method can be a deterrent to those who are pressed for time, and lack the knowledge on preparing complete and balanced dog food diets. Fortunately enough, there are commercial brands of cooked dog food, as well as raw dog food available in Singapore for dog owners who wish to feed these to their dogs, without the element of inconvenience!

Pet Cubes Frozen Dog Food Singapore

Established in 2013, Pet Cubes Dog Food has been a strong advocate of the fresh food movement in Singapore and has impacted the lives of thousands of pets and pet parents. It all started when Champagne the Jack Russell Terrier was diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 6.

Champagne’s dad was determined to find a cure for him. Believing in the power of stellar nutrition (Champagne had been fed premium kibble prior to his diagnosis), and with the advice of multiple nutritionists and vets from Australia and USA, he would come up with an all-natural fresh diet which Champagne followed obediently.

Fast-forward 5 years later, Champagne has now fully recovered from his cancer and his tumor has shrunk to less than half its size. The changes Champagne underwent were marvelous. Thus, armed with this new knowledge, Pet Cubes dog food was founded with the aim of providing its customers with the freshest food choices available on the market to dogs in Singapore.

Types of Food Options Available

Pet Cubes Singapore offers two kinds of diets for dogs. Each diet comes in a 2.25kg case of 7 packs, where each pack contains four Pet Cubes!

Prices begin at $34/case

Pet Cubes Complete is a commercial frozen cooked diet. It is prepared using a low-heat cooking process in order to enhance digestibility, nutrient availability and taste.

Pet Cubes Raw is a commercial frozen raw diet for dogs.

Both diets are enhanced with supplements and made from fresh, human grade ingredients. A range of exotic meats are also available that can be purchased for creating your own recipes.

All the foods sold by Pet Cubes are prepared using HACCP-certified equipment and processes and licensed by AVA Singapore. Peak freshness is maintained using HACCP-certified flash freezing technology and you can rest assured that no salt, preservatives and additives are added. Pet Cubes also ensures that all of its products are made using only a single type of protein source, which benefits dogs suffering from allergies.

A Closer Look

A pack of PetCubes Complete dog food out of its wrapping

The top of the pack is impulse sealed, but upon opening the seal, each cube is not individually packed

For the purpose of this review, we’ve selected a pack of Pet Cubes’ newest flavour of cooked food for dogs, the Pet Cubes Complete Duck formula.  Only the first pack of Pet Cubes in the case of 7 came with the outer packaging as seen above on the right! Each pack weighs 320g, and is impulse sealed shut with the expiry date inked on for safety purposes.

On the reverse of the cardboard packaging, the ingredient list, as well as feeding guidelines per meal for dogs was printed, with feeding instructions! With Pet Cubes frozen dog foods, all you have to do is transfer a pack from the freezer compartment to the chiller, approximately 10 hours before your preferred feeding time. You can also choose to scald the pack with hot water to warm it up slightly.


A single serving of PetCubes

We used a spoon to scoop the meaty mixture onto a plate. It was very aromatic, and contained a good amount of healthy ingredients and meat protein. All the ingredients also came out relatively easily and there were no spills or messes.

Referencing the back of the packaging, our taste tester; Angel would require the entire pack for a single meal! Eep – that was way too much for her in our opinion, and also rather expensive, so we opted to mix in some dry dog food for her breakfast instead. In this way, each “serving” worked out to be $1.60, making it cheaper than conventional canned dog foods, and also much more tasty!


Angel was mighty pleased with her meal! It proved to be a bit too much for her, so in hindsight, we’d have fed a little less kibble or Pet Cubes as part of the mix. She was so excited and had so much energy from eating this for breakfast AND dinner that she dug a hole in the yard overnight to expend herself. But providing your dog with the right nutrition is of utmost importance in ensuring a happy and healthy companion, so we would recommend those keen to maintain a dry food diet for their dogs to strongly consider adding some spice to their lives through varied meals on a regular basis!

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