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Raw Instinct Frozen Raw Cat Food Review

Cats as Obligate Carnivores

It’s a well known fact that cats are obligate carnivores. To those unaware, this means that our feline companions do more than survive; but thrive, on a meat-based diet that is high in meat protein.  For this reason, the Nekojam team advocates feeding cats a raw, high protein diet. For cat parents who feel that these options are out of their budget and feed a dry cat food diet instead, we suggest that at least one meal a day consists of a high quality canned food diet for variety and nutrients.

Frozen Raw Cat Food

In the past 6 months, we’ve seen a surge in popularity in frozen raw cat food on the Nekojam online pet store. Is this a new feeding method, and is it suitable for you? Essentially, frozen raw cat foods are commercially packed meat blends for cats. They are prepared and sold in line with the belief that cats as obligate carnivores deserve a minimally processed, raw diet that is high in muscle meat, edible bone, and organ.

Raw feeding for cats is a growing trend around the world. As more cat owners educate themselves on the basics of cat nutrition, more of them are opting to feed their cats a diet that is closer to what they would have eaten in nature, or as their ancestors would have. The following benefits have been reportedly observed by those feeding a raw diet to their cats:

  • Improved digestion
  • Less frequent bowel movement
  • Reduction in urine and stool odour
  • Healthier skin and coat
  • Minimized shedding and hairball regurgitation
  • Greater dental health
  • Reduction of allergic reaction in humans around pet

The Resistance to Raw Feeding in Singapore


If a raw diet for cats is so beneficial, though, why isn’t it more popular in Singapore? Many reasons come to mind, but the first reason that comes to mind is uncertainty. Raw diets for cats are often homemade, and many cat owners are hesitant to embark on this journey for fear that they may feed their cats an unbalanced and incomplete diet.

Cost is the next major reason cited amongst those reluctant to feed a raw diet. The procurement of a variety of meats can be challenging for the cat parent who wants to go no further than the nearby supermarket, which normally only stocks chicken, pork, beef and fish. Red meat is preferred to white meat in a raw cat diet, and this brings up the cost, as most meats in Singapore are imported from overseas.

Lastly, the greatest deal breaker of them all- Inconvenience. In a city like Singapore, many pet owners are pressed for space. Cats make the perfect pet for apartment living, as they generally require lesser living space to be comfortable, compared to dogs. However, this also implies that cat owners do not have the luxury of freezer space.

Because a home made raw diet requires time to prepare, cat owners overseas prefer to make meals for their cats in batches – This means buying the ingredients in excess, preparing them at a go, portioning and then freezing enough to last them periods that last up to 4 months. In Singapore, though, the average freezer space in a conventional family fridge will not allow for so much raw cat food to be deep frozen, and this indirectly means more frequent trips to the grocer for ingredients.

In spite of these reasons, more cat owners are opting to purchase freeze-dried cat foods instead. At present moment, the selection for frozen cat foods is miniscule. What if there was an option for cat owners locally that provided an affordable and convenient stepping stone into the realm of raw for their pets?

Raw Instinct Frozen Raw Cat Food

Raw Instinct is a brand of ultra premium cat food in Singapore. It is made of natural ingredients, contains no pork, and uses antibiotic and hormone free, human grade meats in all its raw mixes for cats. The brand is HACCP and AVA approved, and touts itself as a biologically appropriate food for pet cats.

There are currently three formulas available for cats, all containing chicken meat – Chicken, Beef and Chicken, as well as Venison and Chicken.

A Closer Look

Raw Instinct frozen raw cat foods come in a pack of a dozen and ranges from $30 to $36, depending on the mix of proteins you pick. This makes each cup roughly $2.50, containing roughly 104 to 123 kcal. That’s roughly the price of two cans of low to mid-range canned foods for cats in Singapore, but also the equivalent in energy content. This means feeding a cup of Raw Instinct will fuel just as much energy as if you were to feed two of such cans of cat food.

Each serving is handily packed in a peel-top cup, which is exceedingly convenient!

Each cup weighs 85g, and comes blister packed for minimal environmental wastage!

Each flavour of Raw Instinct frozen cat food is made from airflown meats from Australia and New Zealand. They also contain a minuscule amount of fruit and supplements (think probiotics and deep sea salmon oil!) that are organic and imported from the USA.

Placed next to a standard 85g of canned food for comparison

Raw Instinct frozen cat foods are made in batches, so you’ll find that each cup has an expiry date, as well as batch number printed on, for easy tracking purposes. It is especially thoughtful that the raw meats are portioned and packed in single-servings, similar to with conventional cat foods. Other brands of frozen cat food come in cases, bags or sachets that make it hard for cat owners to determine how much to feed, as well as difficult to store.

Feeding Guidelines

Preparing a frozen raw cat meal is relatively easy. With Raw Instinct, all you have to do is transfer a single cup (or however much your cat requires for a single meal) from the freezer compartment to the chiller, approximately 10 hours before your preferred feeding time. Some cat owners will then allow the frozen raw cat food to sit at room temperature for 5 to 10 minutes before feeding. Some cat owners find that their cats will also accept cold meats.

The average 4kg cat would require approximately 2.5 cups of Raw Instinct Frozen Raw Cat Food

For the purpose of this review, we thawed and opened a cup of Venison and Chicken for a close-up! The meat was a very fresh shade of pink, and finely chopped instead of fully minced. A squeeze of the cup turned upside down caused the contents to fall out onto a plate very cleanly, and we could see bits of edible bone in the mixture.



In terms of frozen raw cat foods, we have to say that Raw Instinct is definitely in the lead for us. Not only is it affordably priced, but it is also convenient to feed. With a total of five flavours, we are certainly looking forward to more single-protein formulas for cat owners whose pets have sensitive stomach. Having said that, however, Raw Instinct frozen raw cat foods are most definitely the easiest way for pet owners who have been curious about raw diets, and are keen to give raw-feeding a go without the commitment of weekly raw meat preparation and the hassle of wondering if the meals they prepare are truly complete and balanced.

For a limited period of time, the Nekojam online pet store is offering trial cups of Raw Instinct for sale! Get them while stocks last and use the chance to try out the available flavours to see which kitty enjoys best!

Choops the Ragdoll has also reviewed Raw Instinct cat food on Youtube! He’s been on a Raw Instinct diet for almost a year now, and curious pet owners can check him out on Instagram if they wish to ask him questions about being raw-fed.

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