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Hamster Cages  47 items


Nekojam offers a wide range of Hamster cages from many brands such as Habitrail, Living World and Wild Sanko. Regardless of whether you have a dwarf of syrian hamster, we have the cage for you.

As your hamster will spend most of its time inside their cage, we recommend that it is best to get one that is spacious and airy. This will ensure that your hamster has space to run around and it will not be too stuffy.

Another point to consider for hamster cages is that they should be easy to maintain and clean. This will ensure that it is hygienic for your hamster and it will also motivate you to clean it more often.

Lastly, please make sure that your hamster cage is escape-proof. Ensure that you are getting the right cage for your hamster species. A cage that is made for a syrian hamster might have gaps that are large enough for a dwarf hamster to squeeze through and escape.

To find out more about hamster cages, check out Singapore Hamster Society post: