Hamster Food

Here at Nekojam, we carry a wide range of quality hamster foods such as Marukan, Versele Laga and Oxbow. These popular international brands of Hamster Foods will ensure that your hamster has the best nutrition possible.

Hamsters enjoy food of different forms such as pellet hamster foods to seeds and grains. As each type of foods have different nutritional benefits, we recommend that you mix the food types to ensure that your hamster is able to have a balanced and nutritious diet.

You can complement your hamster with natural food and fresh foods as well. Hamsters are known to like lettuce and fruits such as apple or banana which are easy to find here in Singapore. You can also consider feeding your hamster carrots but make sure that you do not feed too much as it is high in sugar. 

Thinking of what else you can/cannot feed your hamster? Why not check out Singapore Hamster Society’s post on what fresh foods you can feed your hamster!