Fighting Odour with PeeWee Litter — A Journey

Litter Spotlight: PeeWee Litter

As a cat owner for the past 13 years of my life, I’ve gone through a ton of cat litter. You name it, I’ve tried it. As the number of cats in my household increased, I had to continuously think up ways to control the pungent smells that wafted from beyond the kitchen door (Yes, the litter bin is in the kitchen; or what I call the laundry area– Don’t judge). I’ve tried air fresheners, deodorizers, airing the room multiple times a day, and of course, changing the brands of my cats’ litter. Boy, was that a chore! However, all that came to an end when i tried PeeWee Litter!

Here are four of five not-so-happy cats who contribute to my litter box misery

So believe me when I say I can sympathize with the problems that come with owning a litter box.
Here are a few complaints that cat-owned humans frequently come to me with:

  1. My cat litter box smells horrid
  2. I’ve got clay pellets ALL over my house and they hurt to step on
  3. I’m wasting cat litter because I can’t tell which has been soiled
  4. My cat litter doesn’t last!
Well, all my problems stopped about ~5 years ago (can’t remember exactly when, but its been quite a while now) when I came across PeeWee Litter selling in my local pet store. I can’t really decide if having five cats share a litter box is good or bad news (Think of all that poop!!), but it did certainly save me the hassle of cleaning five different litter bins. Furthermore, PeeWee Cat Litter helped a great deal in reducing urine/poop odour, and it helped me save costs on buying bags of clay-based cat litter every month!

What is PeeWee Litter, and How Do I Use It?

Peewee litter is a revolutionary eco-friendly cat litter from Sweden. PeeWee pellets are essentially made of wooden shavings, and are compressed to form little wooden pellets. These must be used with the accompanying PeeWee litter bins, which come in three assortments– The EcoTop, the EcoClassic, and the EcoBasic models. This will allow the cat litter to attain its maximum potential.

The litter bins comprise of a two-tiered tray system. The first tray holds the litter, while the lower tray catches used wooden pellets and used litter shavings. The PeeWee litter system works as such:

  1. The PeeWee litter pellets begin to expand upon contact with any liquid, which eventually breaks apart and turns crumbly, forming a fine powder/dust.
  2. Powder and dust falls from the upper tray into the lower tray.
  3. Unused pellets are left untouched and clean in the upper tray, while the lower tray can be cleared simply by shaking the upper tray to cause fallout to sink to the bottom. For optimum cleanliness, the PeeWee litter tray should be regularly cleared of cat poop, and wooden shavings.

Disposal of PeeWee cat litter is easy, you can throw it out the conventional way (trash bin) or you can flush it down the toilet bowl as the litter is eco-friendly and biodegradable. This cat litter has always received a BIG thumbs up for helping to save our environment!! Here’s a photo of my little Princess (that’s her real name..) with her EcoClassic.

More information about PeeWee Litter can be found at their manufacturer’s website at


PeeWee Litter - PeeWee EcoClassic Box

I’m very sorry you have to clean up after me. Just kidding.

I must say that PeeWee cat litter does tend to emit a slightly woody smell that might not sit well with certain people, especially those who are allergic to pine shavings. However, it leaves my cats’ paws dry, and I hardly see much dust around the house, or around the litter bin. That also means no more stepping on painful clay pellets, so you’ll have to excuse myself if I am unable to sympathize with such a pain any more! I have been using the PeeWee EcoClassic since the beginning of time, and it is still going strong. A very worthy investment, considering a bag of 9L cat litter lasts me 1.5 months for my 5-count feline clan.

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