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Guide to Pampering Your Cat

[First published: 7 Aug 2019, Last updated: 10 Dec 2019]

8 August — the one day of the year when we worship the ground our felines walk on more so than other days. This day is also known as “International Cat Day”; a day that was actualized by the International Fund for Animal Welfare to celebrate cats and to raise awareness on the ways to help and protect them. While this is not an official holiday, we could all celebrate it by pampering our cats!

But really, do we need the excuse of a special occasion to pamper our cats? Any day and every day is pamper-your-cat day 😉


  1. Brush Your Cat’s Coat

brushing cat queen giphy
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Most of us are usually away from home — either at work or at school — for the better part of the day. You may not know this but cats do cherish the time with their humans! Give your cat your undivided attention on this special day by brushing its coat till it gleams. Apart from removing dirt and preventing tangles, brushing your cat’s fur also stimulates blood circulation and improves the overall condition of your cat’s skin. Besides, grooming your cat is a great way to help build trust between you and your feline!

  1. More Playtime

cat playing with cat toy teaser giphy
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Spend more time playing with your cat! To stay physically trim and mentally stimulated, cats need to exercise through playing. Some cats love playing fetch while most cats enjoy playing and pouncing at feather toys. Simulate a predator versus prey situation by using a cat toy teaser and dragging it across the ground to mimic the behavior of a prey. Cats are also happier and healthier when you make them work for their food! Try getting a puzzle feeder for your cat. Such contraptions make your cat work for their food which provides both exercise and mental stimulation for your feline.

  1. Get New Cat Toys and Accessories

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It’s prime time to toss out your cat’s soggy catnip toy or destroyed feather toy teaser and replace them with new ones! Even if your cat might prefer playing with your discarded cardboard boxes or Starbucks paper bag, it’s always good to spoil your kitty with even more toys.

However, take note to not leave out your cat’s toys out all at once because this might cause your feline to lose interest in its toys. Pick just a handful of toys to leave out at any given time and then switch them out with a different set of toys. Seeing a toy that hasn’t been around for a couple days is sure to keep your cat much more interested in playing and prevent boredom!

  1. Make Your Cat a Special Treat

We understand that as busy pet parents, we may not always have the time to regale our furfriends in a decadent homecooked meal. But why not carve some time out of your busy schedules once in awhile to prepare a meal for your cat?  Kitty will surely polish its food bowl clean in a fraction of the time it took for you to prepare, but this just shows how much your cat appreciates your efforts!

  1. Feed Your Kitty Its Favourite Food

two cats licking an ice cream giphy
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Scrumptious raw meats, deliciously addictive CIAO treats…Let your cat indulge in all of its favourite treats and food (but still in moderation)!

  1. Revamp Your Cat’s Favourite Lounging Spot

cat stretched out resting head on pillow giphy
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You’d notice that your cat tends to hang out in certain choice spots around your house — most likely in a corner or perch up high atop your cabinets from which it can get a solid vantage view of its environment. Make these spaces extra cozy for your cat by lining the area with fleece blankets or placing a cat bed! You could even DIY a cat bed out of a cardboard box and line it with towels or blankets and your cat would love it all the same.

  1. Treat Your Cat to Some Catnip

cat rolling around giphy
Image Source: Giphy

Not all cats react to catnip. In fact, only 50% of all cats react to catnip! But if yours loves catnip, scatter some catnip on the ground in your home (you could always vacuum it afterwards!) and let your cat roll around in it in absolute bliss. You could also purchase more catnip toys for your kitty or even make you own one!

  1. Take Your Cat out to Explore the Great Outdoors

cat wearing sunglasses outdoors giphy
Image Source: Giphy

Sometimes indoor cats can get really bored of staying cooped up indoors all the time. They might have grown bored of their toys, or there isn’t enough stimuli in your home to keep your cat mentally and physically active. Taking your cat out to explore will stimulate and revitalize your cat.

If your cat has never been outdoors before, why not use this opportunity to try out something new? Be sure to get a cat leash and take some precautions! Your cat may be wary and afraid the very first few times that it steps out of your home, but who knows, it just might grow to enjoy the outdoors eventually. Felines are curious creatures after all.

  1. Understand What Your Kitty Loves

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Image Source: Giphy

Every cat is unique; they each have their own particular likes and dislikes. To lavish your cat with affection, you must understand your cat. Have you noticed your cat slinking around your tap and sticking out its tongue to catch water dripping from the faucet? Consider investing in a cat fountain to encourage your feline to drink more water and make drinking water fun! Does your cat enjoy having its ears scratched? Does it like observing the world go by through your window? Make sure that your windows are meshed so that your cat doesn’t accidentally fall out. Maybe even set up a cozy lounging area for your cat by the window! Shower your cat with love by observing its behaviors and catering to its needs!

It is a universally known truth that cats are jerks and us humans need to work to gain their affection. Even so, these adorable creatures have stolen the hearts of millions with their quirks.

We don’t need the excuse of a special occasion to spoil our furfriends! We should pamper our kitties and shower them with plenty of affection every day!

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*Featured Image Source: Japheth Mast | Pexels

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