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Nekojam Subscription

nekojam subscription

Save the hassle of re-ordering your pet’s favourite food each time it runs low by simply signing up for Nekojam’s subscription service!

What is this subscription service thing you ask?

Subscribing allows you to receive your selected pet supplies at regular intervals. This means that you won’t have to go through the grueling process of clicking through multiple pages to place your order again!

How should you go about subscribing?

Subscribe by adding an item that is eligible for the subscription service to your cart! These items would be indicated in the product description as you are browsing through our sizeable assortment of pet supplies.

Are there any conditions for subscribing?

The only requirement we have is for you to commit to the subscription plan for a minimum of 3 months!

Are there any additional costs for this Nekojam subscription service?

Nope! In fact, enjoy a 3-5% discount for the pet supplies that you’ve subscribed to!

What kinds of products does Nekojam currently have subscription services for?

Cat Litter

peewee cat litter logo
unicharm logo
kitcat logo

Dry Food

wellness pet food logo
nurture pro logo
happy cat logo

Pee Pad

my potty pad logo
honeycare logo
absorb plus logo

Flea/Tick Products

frontline plus logo
revolution logo
solano pet care logo

Why should you subscribe?

Not only does this service help you save time on re-ordering your pet supplies, it also guarantees that you never forget to place an order to stock up on pet food. Plus, did we mention that you get to enjoy 3-5% off your purchase?

Do you need to have an account for this service?

Yes! Please create an account with Nekojam here. Apart from being able to use our subscription service, an account also entitles you to be able to earn Paw Perks that help you get rebates!

What should you do if you’d like to cancel your subscription?

Perhaps you’d like your pet to try something different. Or maybe your pet’s needs have changed. If you’d like to cancel your subscription, please email and allow our friendly staff assist you.

Try out Nekojam’s subscription service for yourself! For more info, visit our Nekojam Subscription FAQ page.

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