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Nekojam Subscription

nekojam subscription

Save the hassle of re-ordering your pet’s favourite food each time it runs low by simply signing up for Nekojam’s subscription service!

Why subscribe?

1. Save up to 5% each month on dry food, pee pads and cat litter!

We’re working with some of your favourite brands like Wellness, Stella & Chewy’s & Zee Dog to offer you pet supplies at a discounted rate when you subscribe. Wondering what other brands are participating in our autoship service? Scroll down to find out!

2.Receive your items at regular intervals

Say goodbye to going through the grueling process of clicking through multiple pages to place your order each time.

3. Ensure that you have a constant supply of pet food

Running low on pet food? Avoid the last minute frenzy of stocking up on pet food because you’ll now be receiving them monthly!

Have more questions?

Cat Litter

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Dry Food

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Pee Pad

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Flea/Tick Products

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Try out Nekojam’s subscription service for yourself! For more info, visit our Nekojam Subscription FAQ page.

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