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Brand Spotlight: Happy Cat Singapore + Promotion

happy cat range of products
Image Source: Happy Cat

Happy Cat is a family-owned business from Germany that is now in their third generation. As devout cat lovers, they have been developing and producing unique recipes for the health and vitality of cats since 2002. All their cat food are made with natural ingredients and contain raw materials that are bred and sourced from the lush grasslands of Germany. The people at Happy Cat devote themselves to meeting your cat’s every nutritional need by providing cats of every size and life stage with good quality food. Their cat food comes in a wide assortment of proteins (eg. lamb, beef, reindeer and more) — all at very affordable prices — that you can feed your cat to prevent pickiness.

Happy Cat even has kitten kibble! We understand the woes of searching high and low for good quality kitten kibble which is a rarity here in Singapore. But Happy Cat has 2 exciting flavours of kibble — duck and chicken — that your kitten is sure to enjoy.

What Makes Happy Cat so Different?

There is an abundance of pet food brands on the market, yet Happy Cat stands out from the rest with its unwavering promise of only producing cat food made from natural products which are guaranteed to make your cat happy and healthy. Besides, all Happy Cat pet food are well-balanced with just the right amount of meat ratio (between 76% and 87%) which will give your cat the protein and amino acids that it needs.

All in One Concept

happy cat all in one concept
Image Source: Happy Cat

The All in One concept that Happy Cat is renowned for brings together a series of 9 important components your cat requires to be happy and to remain in the pink of health. These 9 elements are integrated into every Happy Cat product:

  1. Hairball control
  2. Taurine, an amino acid for healthy eyes and heart
  3. High proportion of animal-based proteins
  4. Special amino acids that reduces the urine pH for better urinary tract health
  5. Dental care
  6. Joint, ligament and nerve health
  7. Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids
  8. Extremely tasty
  9. Natural Life Concept

Happy Cat Natural Life Concept

happy cat natural life concept
Image Source: Happy Cat

Happy Cat stands by using only natural products that have health promoting properties which makes sure that your cat consumes everything it needs to benefit the body in a holistic way.

Natural products can include:

  1. Freshly dried herbs that promote a natural and healthy digestion
  2. Apple and fruit components
  3. Seaweed and trace elements which help prevent deficiencies
  4. Chicory root to improve intestinal flora
  5. Yucca Schidigera which help to reduce odour from waste
  6. Linseed which contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for skin and coat metabolism

Tailored Recipes for Different Needs/Life Stages

Not only that, Happy Cat also has different recipes for different needs! Have a cat who has just been neutered and require a special diet? Happy Cat has a range of cat food just for that.

Young Cats

kitten meowing
Image Source: Giphy

The junior dry food range contains everything a kitten needs to grow strong and healthy.

Adult Cats

Indoor cats

lazy indoor cat
Image Source: Giphy

Indoor cats typically require a diet that is high in protein but low in calories to keep them lean. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are also critical for your cat’s health. These cat food by Happy Cat have reduced fat content which helps to prevent your cat from gaining too much weight.

Cats with food sensitivities

cat uninterested
Image Source: Giphy

If your cat has sensitive skin or has a sensitive stomach, it would definitely appreciate being fed Happy Cat’s delicious reindeer dry cat food or Happy Cat Sensitive Ente (duck) from their sensitive range.

Cats with sensitivities are not uncommon and more and more cat owners these days are faced with food intolerance problems from their felines. But rest assured that Happy Cat’s sensitive range is a highly palatable complete diet that is specially formulated to be gentle enough for cats that have a delicate stomach or any food intolerance.

Neutered cats

cat looking at tail
Image Source: Giphy

Cats that have just been neutered should consume a diet that has been formulated to control body weight after the procedure. Happy Cat’s Sterilised range has been formulated just so!

Senior Cats

cat with moustache
Image Source: Giphy

Elderly cats require a gentle diet. In their senior years, cats should eat high quality food that is easy to digest.

Happy Cat Promotion

For the 1st 100 hundred customers only, purchase any 300g size of Happy Cat kibble on Nekojam pet store for just $5 (U.P. $7.50). Also, get free samples at check out! Hurry, while stocks last only.

Plus, get an additional 5% off when you sign up for a subscription plan for any of the Happy Cat products to have cat food delivered to your doorstep every month.

Check out the full range of Happy Cat products on Nekojam and give Happy Cat a go! After all, we want only the best food for our cats.

Featured Image Source: Nekojam

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