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MYTH BUSTED: The Truth About Grain Free Pet Food!

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Alright, ‘fess up– How many times have you heard that grain free pet foods are the best? Do a quick Google search- You’ll see hundreds of pet parents claiming that grain free pet food has worked miracles on their precious pets. The reasons are far and wide, and include:

  • Shinier coats
  • Fewer allergic reactions
  • Better overall health
  • Less fecal odour
  • Better defecation functions

The list goes on. When we hear of grain free pet foods, we automatically assume that, obviously, we are eliminating sources of grain from our pets’ diets. So if we were to do this, and their health and overall well-being improves, it MUST be that grain is bad for them! If not, why else would it be called grain free pet food, and why is everyone so hyped up about it… Right?


Grain is NOT the problem, and here’s where most of us are misled. Grain is not always the culprit behind your pet’s problems, so switching to a grain free pet food does not necessarily mean all your worries will be sent far, far away. Here’s a list of reasons why we should lighten up on the grain guilt:

1. Your Pet’s Personal Allergic Reactions
Like humans, dogs and cats sometimes have allergic reactions to ingredients in their food. Many pet owners are often unable to narrow down problems or illnesses down to their root, and simply attribute it to a number of things in the pet’s diet… But what exactly is it? Until we nip the problem in the bud, it is unlikely that our pets will get better. Perhaps a grain free diet might alleviate symptoms of the animal’s allergic reactions, but that’s about as good as it’ll get. Unless you made a lucky guess and bought a bag of pet food that simply didn’t contain what they were allergic to… Good for you, then.

2. Your Pet’s Just… Being Itself.
Think about it. Your pet’s not the cleanest one on the block; or blocks, for that matter. They aren’t super sanitary– They clean themselves with their tongues, making them vulnerable to bacteria that is on the floor, in their fur, or in their surroundings. They roll around in mud, dirt, squeeze into little gaps that we can’t possibly keep 100%c clean, and pad all over the place without shoes on. That’s just like us walking barefoot to the supermarket, then coming home and licking the grime off our feet. (Gross, I know.) This also means they are more susceptible to illness, stomach problems, and so on. The problems caused could really be something else that their bodies disagree with.

3. High Quality Food means Higher Quality Products!
We’ve all heard about conniving pet companies who put nonsense in our pets’ foods, then market it as something it’s not. No one’s falling for that anymore! Lo and Behold, grain free pet food to the rescue! At last, something that’s decent!

There’s a reason more people do well on grain free, and have results to show for it… Grain free pet foods are often of higher quality than those you would find in your local supermarket. They are, mostly, pricier, and for good reason. When we feed our pets food that’s healthier, or contains more nutrients, their bodies react better in a similar way. It’s really that simple.


In a nutshell, going grain free isn’t a good or a bad thing. It really just depends what goes down well with your pet. Frankly speaking, we may not have a reason to go grain free in the first place. I mean, what for, if your pet isn’t allergic to gluten, wheat or corn? Why we SHOULD switch to grain free, though, lies in the fact that grain free products are generally agreed to be of better quality and contain better ingredients– This is truly what we are paying for. It all boils down to being a responsible pet parent, knowing what’s healthy or unhealthy, and really just understanding your stuff. Read ingredient labels, study the nutritional analysis on pet foods, and monitor your pet’s eating habits or reactions to their foods. They’ll thank you for it.

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