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5 Types of Dog Toys Your Pup Will Love

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When people first started keeping dogs, the only toys available was whatever the dogs could find. It could be an old shoe or a rock. But many dog experts agree that toys for dogs are not only a luxury but a necessity to promote good mental health, oral health and discourage bad behavior. Dogs not only need numerous dog toys, but different types of dog toys. Toys come in widely different textures, shapes and function. It’s up to you what kind of toys you’d like to buy your pup. After all, each dog has its own preferences. But for the sake of variety, you’d want your dog to have toys with these functions.

Chew toys

These toys show your dog what is okay to chew on, or not. It promotes good oral health by allowing them to chew on it. Dogs have a natural instinct to chew and bite. It’s necessary for any dog, especially a growing puppy, to have good teething habits. To minimize destruction by chewing, train your dog to chew on a toy. While there are edible chews, one made from safe rubber can last a long time, and can be more soothing to your dog’s gums. It’s important to choose dog toys made from durable materials too, so your dog doesn’t accidentally chew off small bits and ingest them!

Treat-dispensing toys

These are toys in which you can hide delicious morsels of food! One of the greatest motivators you can give a dog are treats. It challenges them to use their doggie brains to explore and experiment. While rewarding them with delicious treats, it grants it the mental stimulation, and staves off boredom. Simple treat dispenser toys, which serve as simple puzzles, can help pace your dog’s treat intake, which is great for meal gobblers. More advanced puzzle toys would challenge your dog to use all sorts of actions and methods. While the toys are designed to let your dog figure it out by himself, you should lend a helping hand and encourage it one step at a time!

Interactive toys

These are dog toys which need your active participation! Think of tug toys, throwing toys, or even a simple rubber ball. Dogs are sociable creatures which like attention, so making a big show of being excited will have a big impact on your dog’s enjoyment. It also gives your dog its much desired exercise, which is more interesting than their daily walks! While throwing toys and tugging on ropes, it also helps to create a stronger bond between you and your friend. It is also a great opportunity to train specific behaviors, such as fetching items.

Self-amusement toys

Dogs love toys which make unusual noises, bounce in a peculiar way, or just look plain fun to attack! Toys which stimulate its senses, like squeaky toys, toys with bumpy textures, or have interesting smells will keep your dog busy! This may be the most creative category of toys, because dogs can be interested in the funniest things. Some like the crinkle of a plastic bottle, a rubber hose or a sock filled with stuffing. You may experiment with what interests your dogs the most, but remember to use safe and eco-friendly materials.

Comfort toys

Comfort toys on the other hand, are not meant for heavy thrashing. Your dog would like to carry these around, as its little companion. They can be a plush toy, a fuzzy blanket or maybe an old T-shirt of yours. These kind of dog toys gives your dog a sense of security, and eases their anxiety. Especially of your dog is going through a difficult time, like when it’s recovering from an illness or had lost a loved one, comfort toys give them a good respite. Just like humans, snuggling with something soft can improve your dog’s mood significantly.to know your dog and its likes!

It’s good to experiment with dog toys, but keep in mind that toys can really be hit or miss! While dogs love new things, they can lose interest just as easily… It never hurts to spend more time getting

*Article was originally written by Sean Lim

*Featured Image Source: Sarah Brown | Unsplash

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