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5 Things to Have in Your Pet’s First Aid Kit

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So you got done with transitioning your dog and/or cat to raw pet food, and you’re starting to see the benefits as your pets are becoming more active and lively, and… Yikes! Your poor pet managed to hurt himself from having too much fun! Time to grab your pet’s first aid kit from the shelves. Umm… you do already have one right?

Benefits of Having a First Aid Kit for Pets

It goes without saying that accidents CAN happen. An active pet can be playing too hard and hurt itself from a piece of furniture or item along the house. Your pet could have eaten something that he’s not supposed to. Or maybe you could have accidentally cut his nail too deep and he’s now hating you for it. Be it big accidents or small accidents, it’s a good idea to respond quickly to prevent further issues.

Of course, it goes without saying that bringing them to a vet is the only solution for serious emergencies, but it’s not wise to be knocking on the veterinarian’s door just because Fluffy got a small scratch on his paw. In cases like this, it’s more convenient (and certainly less costly) to handle the issue yourself.

But what exactly should you have in your pet’s first aid kit? Some of the essentials might already be found in your own first aid supplies (eg. bandage, adhesive tapes, scissors, cotton calls etc.), but there may be a few extras that are especially critical for pet use. In this article, we will discuss five other recommended first aid items to include in.

1. First Aid Pet Sprays

Wound sprays are common for humans. There are basically two types: one that acts like a spray on bandage that covers the wound and protects the wound from dirt and infection, and the other acts like as an aid to heal. 

Lila Loves It – First Aid Serum and Roots Skin and Coat Tonic works on scratches, wounds, eczema and other forms of skin irritation are treated gently but effectively with natural ingredients like tumeric, sugar apple, neem oil, sea holly, medicinal honey, lavender, marigold, evening primrose oil and hyaluronan.

The First Aid Serum is easy to use and held to the same standards as medicine used by humans. While the Roots Tonic assures effective in promoting fur growth and facilitates healthy tissue granulation of skin with no excessive fibrosis. Both sprays are non-toxic: the ingredients are well tolerated by your pet so you don’t have to worry about your pet licking the area when the product is applied.

2. Paw Balm

Pet's First AidThink of them as “hand cream” for the paws. Paw balms are recommended first aid item for dog owners who often take their dogs out for walks and runs, where their paws can be subjected to rough and hot surfaces. Such surfaces can make the paws dry and cracked, which makes it painful for your dog to walk.

We especially recommended product to put on standby during the hot and dry season where temperatures in Singapore can soar up to 35 degrees. We personally would recommend WashBar Kanuka + Repair Paw Balm for its exciting combination of oils in organic beeswax that creates a balm which is ideal to use when paws have become dry or damaged through heat, cold or general hard work.

You can also be happy to know that the ingredient that goes into WashBar Paw Balm is completely safe – if your dog licks it off, just reapply. The 100% Natural Ingredients are safe on your skin as well, so you don’t have to worry about what the formula does for your hand either.

3. Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a colloid or mixture of silver suspended in non-toxic liquid. There have been many reported benefits for silver colloid in humans. However, colloidal silver has its use for pets as well. Silver has excellent antibacterial properties.

Although studies have not fully comprehended how it works exactly. It seems that silver is toxic to bacterial organisms, yet safe for humans as well as pets. This astounding property also makes colloidal silver an excellent all round health and well-being solution, although it is not recommended for frequent use due to agyria risks; a blue cat or blue dog isn’t exactly cool.

In case you are still not sure about some of the pet safe brands of colloidal silver available, you can consider Dom & Cleo Organic Colloidal Silver Spray. Made from pure 99.99% silver which helps, the colloid remains in stable form. This maximises its antibacterial properties, unlike other clear ionic silver which combines to easily with chloride salts.

As with most colloidal silver, Dom & Cleo Organics True Colloidal Silver may be ingested or applied to any area of the body for disinfection and healing aid. Dom and Cleo Organics True Colloidal Silver is not only useful for cats and dogs, you can also used for your pet fish as well!

4. Styptic Powder

Pet's First AidStyptic powder is a type of anti bleeding agent that works by contracting tissue to seal injured blood vessels. Simple, effective and safe, styptic powders are useful for wounds and scratches that are deep enough to render sprays and colloidal silvers ineffective. The powder can also act to absorb excess blood and stop your pets from bleeding on the floor or furniture.

We recommend our best seller Espree Styptic Powder to be part of your first aid item. Certainly most useful to have around while trimming your pets nails. We are clumsy pet parents sometimes. Sorry, Fluffy! 🙁

5. E-Collars

It goes without saying: E-collars are absolute must for any cat parents. You can perform the greatest wound care that could earn Scout badges, but the chances of your pets leaving their wound alone is non existent. So you will definitely need to have one at all times.

E-collars prevents pets from reaching for their head with their paws, and from their head from reaching any parts of their body. It would initially be uncomfortable, disorienting and alarming for your pets at first. You probably gonna see them do their own version of the Chinese lion dance even. But it is ultimately for their own good.

Your vet may have provided a free collar after your last neutering visit, but those things are usually uncomfortable and pretty hard to remove and put back on. Best to invest in a comfortable, long lasting e-collar that will be part of your pet’s first aid kit. One example is Kong E-Collar for Dogs and Cats. It is easy to attach and remove quickly from a struggling pet whenever necessary occasions (eg feeding time). It is also available in a variety of sizes that is suitable for cats as well as large dogs.


Quickly attending to any injuries your pets may sustain is crucial. So in your next pet shopping spree (*cough* Nekojam *cough*),  you could look into building your pet emergency supplies. We hope you might not have to use it too often, but it’s always good to have around!

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