Feeding Your Dog Frozen Raw Food

Feeding Your Dog Frozen Raw Food

Commonly known as “BARF” or Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding, the provision of raw dog food aims to provide our precious pet dogs with a diet similar to what canines had before they became domesticated. This has peaked the interest of many pet owners and, in recent years, the demand for raw dog food has risen sharply.

[First published: 18 Dec 2017, last updated: 24 May 2019]

So, you are entertaining the idea of feeding your dog frozen raw or even fresh raw food?

Commonly known as “BARF” or Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding, the provision of raw dog food aims to provide our precious pet dogs with a diet similar to what canines had before they became domesticated. This includes actual raw meat, bone and organ (a 100% meat diet is considered incomplete in the dietary regime). This has piqued the interest of many pet owners, causing the demand for raw dog food to rise sharply.


Today we’re going to discuss six of the most commonly touted benefits of feeding your dog a frozen raw diet!

1. Shinier Coats

Some of us have might have seen an adorable dog and reached out to pet its coat, only to feel a greasy film on your fingers. Stray dogs are especially vulnerable to this, because of the lack of access to quality food. Our dogs require nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C, zinc and especially omega acids, the latter being a composite of fats which are usually lacking in commercial kibble, due to being destroyed through heat during processing.

2. Better Breath

Ever leaned in to give your dog a kiss but smelled something foul? Bad breath stems from dogs generally swallowing kibble whole without chewing, so their jaws are weak and they don’t chew their food. Since a raw food diet has the component of raw meaty bones, it’s touted that most dog owners report cases of cleaner teeth and better smelling breath because of “jaw exercise”.

Here’s another interesting fact: A study has shown that dogs on different wet and dry diet produce a predominantly different kind of saliva. Eating dry kibbles produces a more watery saliva, while meaty diets produces more mucus cells. The latter happens to contain elements such as antiseptic enzymes and protective proteins!

3. Healthier Skin

Remember what we mentioned about omega acids earlier? These healthy fat components are also crucial in bolstering the strength of skin cells, acting as a protective barrier against excessive moisture loss, which may cause dry and itchy skin. Feeding your dog frozen raw can also boost their immune system and help control the outbreak of mange, an unwelcome, common parasitic skin condition that causes itching in both dogs (and humans)!

4. Improved Energy & Vitality

If your dog is always tired and restless, you might want to consider switching to a raw food diet! Many pet parents have reported improved energy and vitality after the transition to raw food. They even claim that their old dogs are as energetic as puppies once again! Perhaps the good balance of moisture, high quality protein and low hard-to-digest plant-based ingredients allows for better absorption of nutrients.

5. Cleaner Whiter Teeth

Dogs who are fed commercial pet food generally have poor dental hygiene. Starchy ingredients in these commercial pet food could cause tartar to build up — a prerequisite to dental diseases. Doesn’t it hurt for you to eat when you have toothache? Your dogs can certainly suffer the same ailments! Kibbled foods provide minimal dental benefit, while the process of chewing on raw meats and bones does a much better job at scraping up gunk from their teeth. Just don’t skip the brushing completely!

6. Reduced Visits To The Vet

One of the main benefits is certainly the improvement of your dogs’ overall health. Feeding your dog frozen raw diet helps in building a strong immune system, digestive system and other bodily functions. Although raw food is generally more expensive than kibble, it is worth noting that it will pay off in the long run. Healthier food equates to healthier bodies. This means reduced costly pet visits and a longer happier life.


With the myriad of reported benefits, it is no wonder that more pet parents are switching their dogs to a BARF diet. If you are amongst the countless pet parents considering the switch, feel free to check out some raw food options from a variety of dog food brands sold on the Nekojam online pet shop!

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