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How to Celebrate National Dog Day with Your Doggo

This month is flying by in a flurry of events! First it was International Cat Day and then followed by National Day and Hari Raya Haji. Next up are National Dog Day and Holistic Pet Care Day!

With National Dog Day just around the corner (it’s in 2 days actually!), what have you got in store for your pup? If you haven’t made any plans yet, here are some things you may want to consider doing with (or for) your pet to celebrate National Dog Day.

  1. Visit a Dog Café

celebrate national dog day ah b dog cafe interior
Image Source: Ah B Cafe

Invite family or other pet parents out for a brunch date and visit a dog-friendly café! Ah B Café is one dog café in Singapore that offers food for both you and your dog. Dig into a heaping plate of pasta while your dog happily gobbles up a bowl of salmon and veggies! There’s even a cake menu for dogs at Ah B Café so if you’d like, you could also order a cake for your pooch.

Location: 110 Turf Club Rd, Singapore 288000

Opening Hours: 1.30pm – 9pm Tuesday – Friday, 10.30am – 9pm Saturday, 10.30am – 7pm Sunday, closed on Mondays

Contact: 8858 6661

Website: https://www.ahbcafe.com/contact

  1. Get Your Furkid New Toys

When was the last time you got your pup new toys? Yesterday? Here’s a reason to get him some more! The KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy is sure to keep your dog occupied for hours. It’s even great for your dog’s mental and physical health! You could also get your dog a new plush toy to replace the one your dog has slobbered all over. FuzzYard has this adorable taco-shaped one that comes with a squeaker!

Read More: Here’s the 101 on What Holistic Pet Care Really Means

  1. Take Your Pup Outdoors!

It can’t be fun only going out for short walks once at dawn and a second time at dusk and then staying home all day in the time in between! Besides, your dog probably already knows the layout of your neighbourhood like the back of its paw by now.

This weekend, in celebration of National Dog Day, why not take your furkid out for a day of fun?

celebrate national dog day flying kite marina barrage briantf flickr
Image Source: briantf | Flickr

Apart from being a great spot for picnics, Marina Barrage also has a wide-open field for your dog to frolic around and run about. You could even fly a kite while you play fetch with your dog!

celebrate national dog day singapore botanic garden Joshua Eckert flickr
Image Source: Joshua Eckert | Flickr

Head down to the Singapore Botanic Garden for a picnic or a stroll! This park has a ton of walking trails and greenery for you and your doggo to explore.

celebrate national dog day east coast park commons wikimedia
Image Source: Commons Wikimedia

East Coast Park is perfect for a lazy Sunday stroll. On weekends, you’d usually see families cycling, having a picnic and even chilling by the beach. Most pet owners also take their dogs their for a walk or a jog early in the morning or at sunset!

  1. Treat Your Doggo to a Relaxing Spa Session

How to Celebrate National Dog Day with Your Doggo dog spa at animal arts academy
Image Source: Animal Arts Academy | Facebook

Pamper your dog with a spa session that is not just relaxing, but curative as well. Furkids Home has a Microbubble Spa Therapy that deeply, but gently, cleanses your dog’s skin and fur to get rid of sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria.

Location: Bedok Central #01-136, Block 219, 460219

Opening hours: 11am – 8pm Monday – Friday, 10am – 7pm Weekends, Closed on Wednesdays

Contact: 6243 1008

Website: http://furkidshome.com/

Animal Arts Academy also offers a range of unique spa services which include:

  • Skin Clinic Chlorhexidine Treatment
  • Japanese Herb Treatment
  • Nano Microbubble Spa
  • Collagen Coat Treatment
  • Silk Foam Pack
  • CO2 Treatment

Location: Various outlets islandwide

Website: https://www.a-a-a.com.sg/

  1. Bring Your Furfriend out for a Swim

celebrate national dog day corgi swimming at pet stop
Image Source: Pet Stop

Dogs swimming and paddling in the water has got to be one of the cutest sights ever. But apart from cuteness, swimming is great for your doggo’s physical health – it helps with increasing body awareness, balance and coordination and to help him keep fit. Swimming for dogs, could also by a form of therapy (also known as canine hydrotherapy). Since being buoyant in water reduces the stress on your dogs joints, hydrotherapy is a form of exercise and/or treatment for a dog that is in surgical rehabilitation or has mobility issues. Pet Stop is a full service pet supplies retailer that offers boarding, grooming and yes, hydrotherapy.

Location: 800 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534670

Opening hours: 11am – 8pm daily

Contact: 6281 2271

Website: https://petstop.com.sg/

Our dogs deserve our love and so much more! What are you doing this weekend to celebrate National Dog Day?

Featured Image Source: riantf  & Murilo Viviani | Flickr & Unsplash

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