Ziwipeak pet foods pack an impressive 98% meat-based ingredients that are sourced from humane, ethical and sustainably managed local farms in New Zealand. Their fish ingredients are also sourced from areas that are strictly managed by the New Zealand government to ensure maximum sustainability.

Ziwipeak Singapore has been carefully crafting their recipes to mirror the whole-prey, meat-rich, diet that dogs & cats require. That’s why organs like heart and lung are added in their food because that is what a dog or cat eats when they catch their prey in the wild. Ziwipeak has over 98% fresh meat, organs, seafood and bone in all of their air-dried products. The remaining 2% in the recipe comes from meticulously selected vitamins and minerals that are very important for a complete and balanced food. 

Ziwipeak specialises in air-dried pet foods and practices a slow and gentle two-stage air-drying process that preserves all the nutrients in raw pet food. Their technique ensures that the resulting air-dried product is completely digestible, safe and clean. Ziwipeak’s air-dried foods can be stored for up to 21 months! Choose from a dynamic range of flavours like the Ziwi Peak Tripe & Lamb Air-Dried Dog Food and Ziwi Peak Mackerel & Lamb Air-Dried Cat Food which will surely leave your dog or cat wanting more. 

Apart from air-dried pet food, Ziwipeak Singapore also offers canned cat food and canned dog food! Scroll down to explore their options!

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